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ABC Warehouse Credit Card


Review Of The ABC Warehouse Credit Card

Electronics and home furnishing store ABC Warehouse has partnered with Synchrony Bank to offer credit card to its customers. The credit card not only comes with special financing option, but it also offers you a complete online solution. You can pay your shopping bills and get details of your transactions online.

The bad news is that the card does not offer your rewards. However, you can enjoy zero percent APR financing for the initial six months on shopping worth $200 or more. However, you must pay the entire balance within six months to avail this opportunity. Moreover, like most other credit cards, the ABC Warehouse credit card does not involve any annual fee.

So, should you sign up for this credit card? We don’t recommend this credit card because it has 29.99 percent purchase APR, which is a staggering number. However, the final decision rests with you. If you can afford an APR of almost 30 percent, you can go for this credit card. The only benefit you get with this credit card is the special financing option.

Late payment penalty of the ABC Warehouse credit card can be as much as $35; therefore, if you have decided to sign up for this credit card, make sure to make timely payments to avoid the costly penalty. The store offers promotional programs from time to time for its cardholders, so it is best to frequently inquire about the store’s promotions.

When it comes to security of the ABC Warehouse credit card, all your information is guarded by encryption procedures. The card is highly secure and can be used only at the ABC Warehouse chain, which means that there is very little to no chance for security breach like theft or fraud.

Takeaway: Don’t go for this credit card if you think that you can’t pay off the special finance balance entirely within 6 months.

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