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Agriculture Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Card


Review Of The Agriculture Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Card

The Agriculture Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Card offers you an attractive credit card program. There are two types of Visa Platinum cards under the program: Visa Platinum with rebate and Visa Platinum without rebate. Both cards offer you excellent benefits.

Visa Platinum With Rebate

With the Visa Platinum with rebates, the purchase APR is 12.90 percent. This percentage is quite low as compared with other similar credit cards. Moreover, you can earn cash rebates as high as 1.25 percent on all shopping with this credit card.

When you charge up to $1,500 to this card a month, you will earn 0.50 cash back rebate, and if you charge it for more than $1,500 per month a month, you will enjoy 1 percent cash back rebate. The 1.25 percent rebate applies to all purchases of gas.

The Agriculture Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum card with rebates has no associated annul fees; however, you would be charged 2.99 percent APR on balance transfer. Before applying for this credit card, you should make sure that you have good credit history.

The good news is that this card comes with zero balance transfer and international transaction fee. Since the card is powered by Visa, you can use it anywhere in the world where VISA is recognised. Other benefits include travel protection and credit payment protection.

Visa Platinum Without Rebate

The Agriculture Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Card without rebate is a great option to give a shot because it offers you a purchase APR as minimum as 9.25 percent. On balance transfers, you will be charged an APR of 2.99 percent.

Like the platinum card with rebate, this card also comes without any annual fee and balance transfer fee. On top of these benefits, you also get to do international transaction without any fee. You can use this credit card wherever VISA is accepted. This card also offers you travel and loan payment protections.

Loan Protection

Both cards under the Agriculture Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum offer you very simple and reasonable loan protection. This feature will relieve you of the monetary load of payment failure or default in case of disability, unemployment or even death.


Both of these cards are powered by Visa, which mean that they are highly secure because they strictly follow the security protocols set by the PCI Security Standards Council. The chances for fraud, theft and other similar acts are minimum with these credit cards.

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