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How can you use credit cards to get you free airline upgrades and fly first class?


Have you been flying coach all your life and having to walk past champagne-sipping first class passengers giving you the we’re-better-than-you look? You’ll be surprised to learn that most of those first class passengers paid less money than you did for coach! Although there are several ways to get airline upgrades, we’re going to let you in on how you can use your credit card to get them to fly first class.

Airline Upgrades 1: Frequent Flier Miles

One of the simplest ways you can fly first class is by trading in your frequent flier miles. This may be a little more costly than buying a discounted economy seat. In order to avail this, you will have to purchase a regular economy seat and also be charged for upgrade fees. However, even with these extra charges it doesn’t add up to what you would pay if you booked a first class seat in the first place.

Airline Upgrades 2: Airlines Rewards Cards

When signing up for a rewards credit card you will want to pick one that gives you miles. Several airlines provide a basic membership credit card to their customers. The reason behind this is that when you inquire about upgrading your seat to first class, it’s always better to be able to tell them that you have membership. In short, passengers that have a membership to the airlines card have better chances of getting airline upgrades than those who don’t.

Airline Upgrades 3: Airline Loyalty

If you travel a lot, whether it’s for business trips or as a hobby, then spend your money and time flying with one airline. When you start receiving miles you are classified among the airline’s loyal passengers. What this will ultimately mean for you is that when the time comes to upgrade their passengers, the most loyal ones will be at the top of the list!

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