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American Express Blue for Business Credit Card


The American Express Blue for Business Credit Card is one of a wide range of credit cards on the market these days that cater specifically for the diverse financial needs of businesses. In the current financial climate, more and more business users have become reliant on credit cards both as a means of improving cash flow and due to the convenience that comes from credit card use. It is important for all businesses to do some research in order to identify the most suitable credit card for their needs, and by choosing a rewards based credit card business users can earn a little something back for their loyalty and custom.


With the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card you can enjoy having the security, flexibility, ease, and convenience of a business credit card from one of the leading names in the credit card industry. In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of being able to earn points for using your card, which you can then redeem against one of a wide variety of rewards. Because you can select from a range of different reward types, there is something for everyone with this credit card. It is also a card that comes with no annual fee, which is another aspect that will appeal to financially savvy business users.


Who is the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card designed for?


With the wide range of business credit cards on the market these days, there is something to suit the needs of most business owners. Some businesses are looking for cards that offer benefits such as interest free credit while others want cards that offer some form of incentive or reward. With the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card you get the best of both worlds, as the card comes with nine months interest free credit on purchases and enables you to earn points to redeem against a range of rewards.


Ideally, the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card should be used by businesses that will use it on a regular basis or for high value purchases, as the points you earn are based on the amount you spend on the card. Therefore, the more you spend the more you earn and the faster you can redeem your points for a range of rewards. If you do not use a credit card regularly you probably will not benefit from this card as you will not earn points at a fast enough pace to make use of them. Also, once the initial nine month interest free period is over you may need to consider switching to another card if you will be unable to clear your balance in full each month. This is because you will then be hit with interest charges and these will outweigh the reward that you earn on the card.


The features and benefits of the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card


Before you make an application for the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card, you need to ensure that it is going to be the right card for you and your business. You can do this by looking at the various features and benefits that come with the credit card, which will then enable you to determine its suitability. Some of the key features and benefits that come with the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card include:


  • Interest free credit: You can look forward to interest free credit for nine months with this card, which means that you can make purchases on the card and as long as you repay the balance in full within the interest free period you will pay nothing extra on top.


  • Tiered points system: When you spend on eligible purchases on your credit card you will be able to earn rewards points, and these are earned on a tiered basis. You can earn one point per dollar on general purchases and 2 points per dollar on purchases made on the American Express travel website. There is also a chance to earn 30 percent more points each year with the annual relationship bonus.


  • Bonus points: When you make your first purchase within three months of opening your credit card account you can earn 10,000 bonus points.


  • No annual fee: You will not have to pay any annual fees when you take out this credit card.


  • Choice of rewards: When you are ready to use up your earned points you can redeem them against a wide choice of gifts such as entertainment, travel, gift card, merchandise, and much more.


  • Additional cardholder benefits: With the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card you will be able to benefit from a wide range of additional cardholder benefits. This includes purchase protection, car rental loss and damage cover, baggage insurance, roadside assistance, travel accident insurance, extended warranties, and more.


  • Easy account management: You will also be able to benefit from easy account management with this credit card. Some of the benefits of this include dispute resolution, account alerts, online statements, and mobile device apps so that you can also manage your account while on the move.


With all of these benefits and features to look forward to, this credit card could be well suited to a wide range of businesses, making it a popular choice for those looking for affordable borrowing as well as the chance to earn points for rewards.


Points to remember


If you feel that the American Express Blue for Business Credit Card could be the ideal credit card for your business, you should bear a number of factors in mind before you make your final decision. Firstly, remember that while there is an interest free period of nine months in place you will be charged interest after this period is over. You may therefore need to switch to another card after this time unless you can clear your balance in full each month. Also, remember that points are earned based on spending levels, so you need to be a regular card user in order to benefit.

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