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American Express Business Gold Card | Like Triple Points On Airfare?


The American Express Business Gold Card has no annual fee for the first year, then it costs $175 per year afterward. If you require additional cards for employees, the first one will cost $50 annually beginning on year two. If you need more than one extra card, there are no fees ever for them. And all the cards listed on your account accumulate points for your business conglomeratively. You can add up to 99 extra cards to your account. This rewards charge card is a powerful business tool that can enhance the performance and efficiency of your organization. Excellent credit is required to get approved for this card, but for those that can deliver that, the benefits are seriously enticing.

Rewards points breakdown for the American Express Business Gold Card

  • 3 points for each dollar spent purchasing airfare direct from the airline;
  • 2 points for each dollar spent of specified US-based media advertising;
  • 2 points for each dollar spent at fuel stations, and on shipping;
  • 2 points for each dollar spent of eligible software, hardware and cloud-based computing services;
  • 1 point for each dollar spent of everything else;

If you use your American Express Business Gold Card to make at least $5000 in purchases within 90 days of card activation, then you earn 30,000 bonus points. There’s no need to worry about interest charges on purchases made because all cardholders are required to pay their balances, in full, each month. This is not a typical credit card and it has no pre-set spending limit. Each transaction that is attempted will be approved, or disapproved, based upon the cardholders usage, history, credit ratings and other relevant variables.

If you need customer care concerning your American Express Business Gold Card, then you’re definitely in good hands. The AmEx customer service team is composed of professional business consultants that know how to deliver the results you need, quickly, friendly and effectively. In an industry where so many card issuing companies are hated by their members, this card performs with very high customer appreciation. And besides all the excellent customer love spread by AmEx, you can count of loads of stock benefits and features.

Features and benefits of the American Express Business Gold Card

When you purchase airline tickets with the American Express Business Gold Card, you automatically receive AmEx Preferred Seating benefits. This means that you get automatic seating upgrades when they are available on any flight you may be one. You will be responsible to cover any standard servicing fees associated with the upgrades. All purchases are final and no refunds will be issued. Some blackout dates apply.

The American Express Business Gold Card also comes with Global Assist® Hotline services. This benefit offers coordination and assistance services for making your travels simpler and more enjoyable. Then, there’s a slew of other benefits designed to make your life better including:

  • Return Protection refunds your money for purchases that you make, are dissatisfied with, and are unable to return to the merchant you purchased them from. The items you claim must be in “like-new” condition. The maximum claim allotted per item is $300 and there is a $100 annual limit on each card listed on your account.
  • The American Express Business Gold Card Roadside Assistance Premium provides emergency roadside assistance for cardmembers. For instance, you can get a tow of up to 10 miles for free. (This seems cheap to me. I mean what are the chances that, if you break down, you are less than ten measly miles from where you need to go?) You can also have fuel delivered, get a jump start or have a flat tire fixed. More cheap limitations include a 2-gallon maximum on fuel and the fact that you can only use this service a maximum of four times annually.
  • The Baggage Insurance Plan of the American Express Business Gold Card comes with a long list of exclusions and conditions. It’s safe to say that if you purchased your travel tickets fully with your card, then you will be receive secondary coverage for lost, stolen or damaged luggage if warranted. However, like many credit and charge card fine print details, this coverage is really unlikely to ever kick in.

There’s also a benefit that keeps you covered from unauthorized employee usage of the American Express Business Gold Card. If you terminate the employment of an employee, then you must cancel their card within 48 hours. Otherwise, you will not be covered for any subsequent unauthorized usage. This coverage is retroactive for 75 days prior to the employee’s termination. And expect to have to show definitive proof of the unauthorized expenditures. Again, American Express is not trying to pay for anything they don’t have to.

Other benefits include Event Ticket Protection, Extended Warranty Insurance and more. However, like the benefits associated with most cards, if not all, they are very unlikely to be used often. Credit card issuing companies have to come up with some list of benefits with each card offered. If they didn’t, then their cards would seem very inferior to others that offer them. The fact is that these companies aren’t really trying to offer anything that they don’t have to. Truly, they are trying to avoid ever paying out a single penny that is not necessary to ultimately increase profits. Of course, you can compare all the details to all the benefits at the AmEx website.

Overall, the American Express Business Gold Card is one of the finest out there in terms of dependability, performance and customer service standards. It’s certainly worth some serious consideration as the charge card for your organization. It should go without saying that paying your monthly balance in full is mandatory. Otherwise your account, and your business’s credit rating will suffer. If you travel frequently, that’s the best way to gain value from the rewards system. Otherwise, the rewards are just so-so; a lot like the majority of business and personal cards available.

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