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American Express Business Green Rewards Card | Are The Rewards Categories For You?


The American Express Business Green Rewards Card is said to give cardholders the combined powers of enticing rewards plus awesome purchasing strength. It offers a flexible limit for spending that is able to grow (or shrink) with the growth of your business. This card is a solid option for small business owners who want to enjoy a reputable card that’s respected amongst their peers. The AmEx Business Green can be used to entertain your esteemed clients, purchase staff member gifts, acquire office furnishings and a lot more. Remember that is a company charge card, not a credit card. You need to pay the balance in full every month.

The American Express Business Green Rewards Card is a rewards card that has a nothing-standing-way-out structure. It’s fairly common, but that’s OK. There are hundreds of cards available, all of them designed to attract certain demographics. They all have similar features and benefits. The differences are usually able to be spotted in cards that require the highest credit scores. The more exclusive a card is, the better list of automatic, included features it will have. For instance, the Business Centurion card from AmEx offers an amazing array of exclusive features – but then again, it costs more than $7 thousand to get one! And it is by invitation only.

The point is that the American Express Business Green Rewards Card offers businesses with adequate credit ratings a fair amount of benefits, but nothing overly substantial. As a welcome gift when you make your first purchase with the card, you’ll receive 5000 bonus points. You’ll also earn 2 points every time you spend a dollar on any eligible purchases from the AmEx Travel website. Additionally, you earn one point for every other dollar you spend on all other eligible purchases.

For the first year, there is no annual fee for the American Express Business Green Rewards Card. Beginning in year #2, there will be a $95 annual fee. If you require additional cards for your account, there will be no annual fees assessed for them. It’s simple enough to earn the points – if you happen to enjoy and have a demand for the “eligible” purchases. I personally find this type of schedule annoying. I like a rewards card that rewards me regardless of what I purchase. “Eligible” purchases make me feel (rightly so) that I am being herded, led into a forced sales funnel.

Still, the points you rack up on the American Express Business Green Rewards Card will be able to be applied toward a variety of options including flights, vacation packages, hotel stays and more. You can pay for all or a portion of your travel expenses with rewards points – and you earn more points for the purchases, which is sort of generous as many cards don’t allow this. There are a few conditions that apply, but it’s actually straightforward. There are no blackout dates and there are no seating restrictions imposed.

Another feature of the American Express Business Green Rewards Card is OPEN Savings®. This program is unique and can really add value to this card. If you shop frequently at Hertz, FedEx or any other OPEN Savings® partners, you can earn up to 4 extra rewards points for every dollar you spend. That is a strong method for maximizing your rewards points and therefore the value they accumulate. The trick here, as with all targeted charge and credit cards, is that you must have a consistent demand for the products that the card issuing company dictates as rewards-worthy.

Other benefits of the American Express Business Green Rewards Card

The American Express Business Green Rewards Card comes standard with an array of helpful and valuable benefits. For instance, one of the most sought after is called Purchase Protection. This is pretty attractive as it provides protection against theft, damage and/or loss of your items purchased with your card. When you initiate the purchase, the coverage goes into effect for a full 90 days. If you file a claim, the maximum value allotted per occurrence is $1000. There is a maximum of $50,000 that can be claimed by each cardmember, for each calendar year. Sound great right?

This is where I always ask myself how many such occurrences would be possible in the life of the average businessperson. OK, so you damage or have an item stolen. You follow protocol and AmEx reimburses you for your loss up to $1000. Now, how could anyone possibly have 50 occurrences like this within one calendar year? It just doesn’t make any sense. And that’s why I always point out that many of the features that seem so enticing about modern credit and charge cards aren’t really ever intended for actual use. In my opinion, they are improbable facades posing as legitimate benefits. And every one of them comes with a slew of conditions that apply.

Anyway, there are certain benefits that come with the American Express Business Green Rewards Card, even if you aren’t very likely to ever truly gain value from them. There’s Car Rental Insurance, Baggage Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance and more. You’ll also have access to the AmEx Global Assist® Hotline. If you are anywhere that is at least 100 miles from your home, then you can utilize these services. Help is available to accommodate communications between your doctors and any health care providers that may be dealing with you. In you are injured, then your doctors, dentists and other professionals can monitor your condition and advise the stand-in providers.

You also have access to Roadside Assistance with the American Express Business Green Rewards Card. You can get a tow, have a flattened tire fixed on the spot, have gasoline delivered and a number of other possibilities. Please visit the website for complete information.

Overall, the American Express Business Green Rewards Card can make your business and personal life more streamlines, quick and painless. It’s good to know that you have a world-leading card issuer like AmEx on your side, especially when you’re traveling abroad.

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