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American Express Business Management Card | Can It Streamline Your Expense Reporting?


A strong and versatile business tool, the American Express Business Management Card makes your life easier. It comes with a suite of benefits and features that help you to streamline your expense management responsibilities. It’s quite inventively entitled “Manage Your Card Account”. There’s very little investment of time needed to integrate the tools and begin automating your processes for expense account management. So just what are these tools? And how are they superior to the features offered with other business cards? Let’s take a look.

It’s important to stay connected with your finances at all times. Businesses must remain in control of their liquidity and the tools that come with this card can be strong allies there. All new cardmembers are automatically given access to the card management website. This supplies members with 24/7/365 access to their account information and allows them to:

  • Review historical and recent account transactions;
  • View prior and current account statements;
  • Make payments to your account;
  • Make inquires about specific charges;
  • Set up alerts to keep you informed about your account’s activity;

Well, that’s all well and good, but it’s nothing unique in the modern credit card realm. So the American Express Business Management Card adds in what they call Standard Expense Reporting to sweeten the mix. SER is one feature of the Manage Your Card Account attribute. SER is designed to help cardmembers prepare expense reports more efficiently and quickly. Your accounting staff will be able to instantly access previous statements. They can also annotate expenses and add in any other relevant assets and liabilities as needed. The reports are easily downloadable and saved for your purposes. In truth, I’m still not seeing the magic here. It seems rather common to be able to access this type of information. What else is offered?

American Express @ Work® is also included with the American Express Business Management Card. This application allows account holders to manage their entire organizational card strategy. The administrators of your account can perform an array of tasks including managing the staff accounts of multiple cards that have been issued on your organization’s account. You can review every transaction, on every card, just seconds after they are initiated. Also, cardmember information, cash limits and more can be manipulated. And of course, completely customized reports can be generated, saved, downloaded and printed instantly. When you factor in the time, frustration and hassles that are so commonly associated with this type of responsibility, this card can begin to make a good bit of sense.

American Express Business Management Card adds in Concur® Expense services to further entice business owners who want to enhance their record keeping and expense management efforts. This on-demand management tool can assist your staff members with time-consuming responsibilities like managing global payment strategies, maximizing the control over compliance to company expense regulations, streamlining the generation of transaction reports and more. In general, this service is known to be helpful with increasing employee productivity and overall job satisfaction. Your company will be better able to quantify results, discern informed decisions and effectively enforce spending guidelines.

Invoice Management services of the American Express Business Management Card

The American Express Business Management Card also comes stock with Concur’s Invoice Management feature. This allows accounting personnel to automate the timely processes of gathering, approving, submitting and paying for check requests and invoices from your suppliers. By streamlining these acts, organizations are better empowered to accommodate a flexible and productive work force. Accurate spend reports are always available, increasing the transparency of organizational spending trends. You can even use this feature to review and approve invoices on your preferred mobile device. That is a powerful feature that can certainly lead to increased supplier appreciation.

There’s another automatic benefit associated with the American Express Business Management Card called ReceiptMatch. Each time a purchase is made with your card, you are prompted via text or email to snap a photo of the receipt. These photos are automatically integrated with transaction receipts in the office. In turn, the processes involved with collecting, keeping track of and handling loads of paper receipts are made more efficient. Also, this is a good way to decrease your company’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper used. Companies are known for their efforts to integrate greenness in their operations, and this card can help with that too.

The American Express Business Management Card also comes with various features that are more commonly seen in the credit card industry. For instance, you can always feel more confident while on business trips because of the passive features for travel enhancement. If you lose or have your luggage, thn AmEx provides secondary insurance coverage. If your luggage is already covered, then the primary insurance must be exhausted before the AmEx insurance kicks in. It’s the same way with Car Rental Insurance coverage. You must decline the rental agency’s insurance coverage and pay for the rental, in full with your AmEx card.

Also, the American Express Business Management Card features protections for your business shopping trips. There’s a Warranty Extension clause that doubles the length of most US standard warranties on products you buy. There’s a 12-month maximum period for each eligible item. So, if you purchase an item with a standard 12-month warranty, then that warranty is extended for an additional 12 months, totaling 24. That’s enticing, but you need to always read the tiny print details. They actually have loads of exclusions and conditions to be aware of. Check out the website to learn more.

If you are the controlling member of an organization that needs assistance and tools with streamlining operations, then the American Express Business Management Card may be a good fit for you. It offers you plenty of tools to make life easier by keeping track of your expenses, payments, invoices, receipts and reports. If you utilize all the benefits and tools it presents, and get efficient in their usage, then this card can definitely be of high vale to your company.

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