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American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card Review – Big Savings on Air Travel?


There are a number of financial tools and products that businesses rely on these days, and access to a good, well suited credit card such as the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card is one of these vital tools. For businesses, having a credit card designed for business use provides flexibility, financial freedom, increased security, ease, convenience, and access to improved cash flow. There are many different credit cards that are geared towards business users, all of which offer their own unique benefits to appeal to this demographic. By carefully looking at the benefits, features, and charges associated with the various cards you can better determine which one is going to be suited to your needs.

Many business people spend a lot of time travelling by air, and one type of credit card that could prove very beneficial in these circumstances is an air miles or travel rewards based credit card. These cards are perfect for those who want to make savings on the cost of air travel as well as enjoy a range of additional travel related perks. You will find a choice of travel based business credit cards on the market, one of which is the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card. This card can help you to make big savings on the cost of your air travel if you use it on a regular basis. In addition, it can provide you with access to a range of other travel related perks to make air travel for business more enjoyable.

Who is the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card designed for?

This card is designed for business people who tend to use their credit cards on a regular basis, who repay the balance in full within the interest free period, and who travel by air on a regular basis. By using your card regularly, you can quickly accrue miles and rewards, which means that you can redeem them and reap the rewards of this product. By repaying the balance in full within the interest free period each month, you avoid the need to pay any interest so everything you earn in terms of rewards and miles is a bonus. The rewards you earn can then be redeemed against air travel and other travel perks, which is why the product is ideal for those who travel by air regularly.

Those who do not use their card regularly will not really benefit, as this means that rewards and miles will not accrue at a sufficient enough rate. In addition, if you do not travel by air regularly you may want to look at a card that offers different types of rewards that are more suited to your business needs. Finally, if you tend to repay the balance on your card gradually and are therefore hit with interest charges, you may be better off avoiding rewards based cards altogether and instead opting for a product such as a 0 percent interest card. This is because the interest you pay on your balance will be far more than the value of any rewards that you earn, which is why rewards based cards are not really suited to those who spread their repayments and pay interest.

The key features of this credit card

Before you decide whether the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card is the right product for your business needs, you need to look at the various features, benefits, and fees so that you can make a more informed decision. Some of the key features and benefits that come with this business credit card include:

  • Earn miles on general purchases: If you use your American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card to make day to day purchases, you can benefit from earning one mile per dollar spent. For those who use their cards on a regular basis to make purchases, the miles can quickly clock up enabling you to start enjoying the rewards even more quickly.
  • Earn double miles: When you use your credit card to make Delta purchases you can clock up miles even more quickly. This is because you will earn two miles for every dollar you spend on your card on Delta purchases, so you can get to your air miles goal more quickly.
  • Access to Delta Sky Club: With this credit card you will be able to look forward to complimentary access to Delta Sky Club, and you can even treat two guests to the same. This can be used at any location and will provide you with access to comfortable surroundings, snacks and beverages, and wi-fi, all of which is complimentary.
  • Delta Reserve Concierge access: You will be able to benefit from Delta Reserve Concierge access with the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card, which essentially means you have your own around the clock assistant to help you with all sorts of matters from organizing meeting through to suggesting gifts.
  • Flexible miles usage: With the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card you will be able to look forward to flexible miles usage, as you can redeem your miles against flights with no blackout dates, upgraded seats, hotels, and car hire. You can even redeem them against merchandise from Delta.

These are just some of the key benefits that you can look forward to with the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card. Other perks that you will get include:

  • Priority boarding on Delta flights
  • Onboard savings on Delta flights, with 20 percent discounts
  • A free checked bag on every Delta flight, equating to big savings
  • The chance to earn 10,000 bonus Medallion Qualification Miles after you make your first purchase on the card
  • One domestic companion airfare or first class ticket with each annual membership renewal
  • Purchase protection when you use your card to buy the things you want
  • Extended warranty protection
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Roadside assistance and car rental loss/damage insurance

With all of these benefits, the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card could be the ideal option for business users.

Other points to remember

There are other important points to bear in mind before you make your mind up about the American Express Delta Reserve Business Credit Card. First off, you should note that there is a $450 annual fee payable. With regards to the rate of interest charged, this is typically between 15.24 percent and 19.24 percent, although it varied based on your credit and financial status amongst other things.

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