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American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card | Is This The Benefits King Card?


The American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card has been designed to attract frequent business travelers that want simpler, more efficient lives. This card is the enhanced version of the AmEx Corporate Card, and includes a lot of solid benefits to make it able to compete with the best available. It’s made specifically for businesspeople who use their cards as tools, helping them to effectively manage their operations. And one thing that’s always at the forefront of the enticements for any AmEx card is the exceptional level of customer love you get.

When you get approved for the American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card, you also gain access to a team of customer service representatives that is solely in place to cater to cardmembers. These reps are professional businesspeople who know what you need to travel without hassles or hangups. Whether you’re in the office or across the planet, you’re always able to get instant, attentive and thorough service. You can call on these Concierge Services assistants to help you with travel itineraries – or even to choose the best gift for one of your esteemed clients. There are really no limits to the ways they try to help you meet your business goals. This, to me, is the most stand-out feature associated with this card.

AmEx says that the American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card is made to create streamlines and secure experiences for its users. Cardmembers get premium services for expense management, especially for regular domestic business travelers. AmEx prides this card on being flexible and loaded with multiple layers of security. Identity theft and fraudulent activities are on everyone’s minds these days, and AmEx goes the whole nine yards to provide protection. If your card is stolen, or used for unauthorized transactions, you will be covered with a Zero Liability.

Other benefits of the American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card

Another feature of the American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card that receives a lot of customer appreciation is the AmEx  Global Assist® Hotline. This service is in place to provide 24/7/365 referral services on a worldwide basis. If you or any member of your traveling team is involved in any emergency situation, this service will:

  • Accommodate communications between foreign health care providers and your state-side doctors, dentists and more.
  • Provide comprehensive travel assistance any time you are 100 miles or more away from your primary residence.

When you enroll in the optional Corporate Express Cash, you can use your  American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card to get emergency cash. At more than 600,000 ATMs across the planet, you can access the cash you need, on the spot, to get you through any taxing situations. It’s a nice feeling to know that you are covered and connected regardless of whatever may occur.

The  American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card doesn’t try very hard to impress prospective cardmembers with a rewards system. Yes, there is one in place; a very simple one. You earn 1 point for each dollar you spend with the card. That’s it. It applies to all purchases and the points never expire. You are able to redeem your rewards points for shopping, eating out, T&E and more. Additionally, you will be presented with end-of-year rebates, along with point-purchase-only discount offers. This feature helps your organization to save considerably on office supplies, travel expenses and various professional business services.

Of course like most cards, the American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card allows you to access and manage your account from anywhere, any time. You can use the card’s app on numerous mobile devices, or your home or business-based computers, to log in and do whatever you need to. You can receive instant texts or emails to keep you informed of all transactions. You can also use your devices to access AmEx’s Simplified Expense Reporting to review any pre-existing expense reports. Further, you may use the Work Program Management feature to manage nearly every possible transaction type. You can:

  • Create and cancel additional employee card accounts;
  • Monitor your company’s compliance with expense policies;
  • Create periodic expense reports;
  • Verify all charges digitally;
  • Track your company’s expenses;

You can also choose between 10 billing cycles for your American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card. This allows you to synch your card account with your company payroll dates to maximize efficiency. And with Concur’s ExpenseIt®, you will be reminded to capture an image of the receipt every time you make a purchase. This makes it so much easier for the office staff to track expenses and manage their payments. And an simplified office makes for relaxed employees and higher profits in the long run.

This card comes with so many passive benefits that you may never even become aware of them. Or you may think you’re aware of all the benefits available to you with the American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card, but not really understand. That’s where the TripCaseTM service can be very helpful. It tells you about all the small details that are associated with your card. Having your benefits, and all their particulars, spelled out for you in simple terms is a nice benefit in itself. There are so many limiting conditions and terms associated with credit cards. So many cards seem to offer the moon,, and then end up not delivering when needed. That’s not the case here. The  TripCaseTM is rather exceptional in various ways.

Some of those other automatic benefits and features of the American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card include Baggage Insurance Plan, Car Rental Insurance, the AmEx Worldwide Travel Service Network and various others. There are really too many benefits, with too many details to go into here. Please surf the website to learn the whole skinny.

Overall, the American Express Executive Gold Corporate Card is one of the best business cards available. If you can get past the rather weak rewards points structuring, then you’ll be well rewarded with loads of solidity and passive benefits. The exceptional customer service that this card is known for, in itself, makes it a short-list contender for your patronage.

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