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American Express Gold International Dollar Card | Travel Abroad Much?


You should know first that the American Express Gold International Dollar Card is issued from and maintained, in English, from the UK. It is not available in the United States. There is, of course, the US version of the AmEx Gold Card. In essence, this card has been designed to make your international travels simple and relaxing; making cardholders feel safe and protected, especially in a financial sense. It combines exception Gold-level benefits with the AmEx reputation for customer service excellence.

In order to gain a better understanding of what the American Express Gold International Dollar Card offers, let’s take a closer look. Here are the most significant features of this power card:

  • Comprehensive Worldwide Travel Insurance Benefits
  • Dedicated Gold Travel Services
  • Preferred Extras Hotel Program
  • No Pre-Set Spending Limits
  • Complimentary Membership Rewards

US$/€ 300 Annual Fee for the American Express Gold International Dollar Card

After the first year with no fee, there is an annual fee associated with the American Express Gold International Dollar Card. It’s US$/€ 300. This amount gets automatically charged to your account when it comes due each year. Oh, and the fee waiver for the first year only applies to new AmEx cardholders. If you have had any other AmEx card within six months of applying, then you would not be eligible for the fee waiver.

The American Express Gold International Dollar Card is set up to pleasantly reward you for all use of your card. Regardless of what your shopping for, services or merchandise, you get rewarded. Now, it’s not a lot. There are no categories to worry about either. It’s just a straight-laced program that rewards usage. For every dollar (or euro) you spend on the card, you receive a rewards point. Every cardholder is automatically enrolled in the Gold Rewards program, so no need to worry about registration.

Also with the American Express Gold International Dollar Card, you will have access to the Global Assist emergency helpline from AmEx. In a nutshell, this feature is in place to offer any kind of emergency services needed, regardless of where in the world you may find yourself. So, if you need legal, medical or any type of personal help whatsoever, you just drop a dime and get the assistance you need. Maybe you need a doctor in Guam. Perhaps a lawyer in Mexico. Whatever the scenario, you’re covered in style.

If you are traveling (or at home) and your American Express Gold International Dollar Card is lost or stolen, once again, just make a quick phone call to AmEx and explain the situation. A new card will be delivered to you within 48 hours. Now, depending on where you’re at and what you’re going through at the time, 48 hours may seem like a lifetime. For that reason, AmEx also will send you emergency cash to get you through until your new card arrives ion your hands.

There’s also an entire team of travel specialists ready at all times to make your travel arrangements for you. That’s Gold Travel Service in action. They live to make every trip a special one for each of their cardholders. That’s really the mentality behind their jobs. They are paid to care and accommodate your needs and wished. So make sure to use this benefit if you receive one of these cards.

When you own the American Express Gold International Dollar Card, you are privy to special discounts and package deals at more than 15,000 hotels in over 145 countries spread over six continents. Of course, in order to receive these very nice deals, you will need to use your card to pay, but that’s the only condition. Use the card and receive excellent offers.

The American Express Gold International Dollar Card is accessible in either US dollars or euros. There is no pre-set spending limit either. So, you are able to experience financial flexibility and pay in whichever currency works best for you on a case-dependent basis. In essence, the no pre-set limit allows you to charge as much as you show that you can repay each month. You will have a set credit limit, but with each transaction that you attempt to initiate that over your set credit limit, AmEx will make a quick determination as to whether or not you are allowed to surpass it.

The American Express Gold International Dollar Card also comes to you stock with a slew of Gold Travel Insurance Benefits. These are customized to assist you with covering everything from medical expenses, to stolen luggage, to cancellations of itineraries and more. Again, this card has been designed to cater to travelers, especially international travelers. Take the time to read all the details of what you’re entitled to with this card, and then put them to use for you. If you don’t initiate the benefits to work in your favor; they won’t.

The truth is that the American Express Gold International Dollar Card has loads of passive features and benefits; too many to adequately touch on here. For full disclosure, please check out the AmEx website for this card. All the info you could ever want is there, if you take the time to comb through it. You have to remember that near-elite credit cards like these exist to cater to those who are on their way up in the world. So save yourself the time, embarrassment, frustration and effort it will take to get denied if you are not well-equipped in the credit and income realms. It won’t happen otherwise.

If you want to apply for the American Express Gold International Dollar Card, then you need to be at least 18 years old and have a minimum income of US$/€50,000. You will also have to clear AmEx to contact your banks and review your records. This card is difficult to obtain, but offers excellent rates, low fees and loads of passive benefits once approved. If you do receive approval for this card, note the annual fee and then enjoy using it as often as you can for optimal savings and convenience. This card is designed to reward usage – so use it!

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