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American Express Platinum International Dollar Card | For Those Who Prefer Leisure Over Points Programs


The power and prestige associated with holding an American Express card is a monumental achievement for anyone who values their good credit. The American Express Platinum International Dollar Card is one of the premier rewards cards for those who indulge in international travel.

Why Choose the American Express Platinum International Dollar Card?

Do you enjoy being pampered while you travel? The American Express Platinum International Dollar Card is much more than your ordinary rewards card. This credit card was designed with the cardholder’s comfort in mind. Imagine a life where you get preferential treatment starting as soon as you begin planning your travels. You will receive 24/7 concierge service just by simply calling your AMEX concierge representative. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you will begin to feel the difference that the American Express Platinum International Dollar Card makes when you embark on your travels. Members of this card receive $100 as a statement credit as soon as they sign up the TSA’s Global Entry program. This process allows you to skip the long lines by prescreening all of your travel credentials. AMEX is one of the only companies that rewards you for signing up for this travel perk.

Once you’ve breezed past the security checkpoints, you can relax or get work done in any Delta SkyClub. These fine airport lounges are located in international airports throughout the world. You will also receive access to Airspace Lounges and Priority Pass Select which can open the door to over 600 additional airport lounges all over the globe. If that wasn’t enough, you are also given limitless access to the Centurion Lounge which is an exclusive lounge for AMEX cardholders.

If you’ve flown on a major airline recently, you probably realize that Wi-Fi is becoming standard on many commercial aircraft. If you travel frequently, you know that these fees can become quite expensive. The American Express Platinum International Dollar Card gives you 10 GoGo airline Wi-Fi internet passes which allow you to connect to the internet while cruising at over 30,000 feet.

Once your flight has landed, your rewards will not stop there. The American Express Platinum International Dollar Card gives you the ability to skip to the front of the line when you are ready to rent your car from Avis, Hertz and National. You will receive complimentary membership in these rental car companies’ most prestigious customer loyalty programs.

Fees, Terms and Need to Know Info

The American Express Platinum International Dollar Card gives its members the top perks in the industry. Although fees may apply with this offer, if you are an international traveler, you will be rewarded and pampered while you are abroad. This card is ideal for small to medium sized business executives who enjoy having the ability to get work done while they are travel. Alternatively, if the cardholder would like a lounge available to them in which they can get some rest or relaxation, the American Express Platinum International Dollar Card provides that feature for the cardholder as well. The terms and fees for this card are explained as follows:

Low Annual Fees: For only $595 per year, you can hold this card and enjoy the privileges and perks of being an AMEX cardholder.

Interest Rates and Eligibility: You may be asked for income verification for this card. Your interest rate is variable and could be as low as 13.99%. Your actual rate will completely depend on your credit score. Typically, those who are approved for this card have excellent credit scores. There is no introductory rate for this card.

Low International Conversion Fees: Never pay outrageous fees for currency conversions. Your American Express Platinum International Dollar Card will be accepted almost anywhere around the world and if you buy something that is not in USD, you will only be charged a low 2.7% fee after the charges have been posted to your account for the currency conversion. 

Streamlined for International Travel: If you are someone who constantly uses their credit card on the go and you are looking for ways to be rewarded other than the boring points programs offered by other rewards cards, the American Express Platinum International Dollar Card is the answer for you. You will receive VIP service as you travel abroad because AMEX has figured out everything for you.


ExpressPay Enabled: The new way to pay is here. Your American Express Platinum International Dollar Card is able to be charged without you swiping the card. As long as a point of sale terminal is ExpressPay enabled, you can tap your card instead of swiping it in order to submit your payment to the merchant.

Fees: As noted by the cardholder agreement page at AMEX, the fees for this card are as follows:

  • Late Fees – You will not want to be late on your payment for this credit line. Depending upon whichever fee is greater, you will be responsible for paying up to $35 as a fee or 2.99% of your total balance.
  • Returned Payment – If your payment to AMEX bounces, you will be charged a $35 fee. If you pay with a paper check and it is returned, the fee rises to $38.
  • Currency Conversion – When your card is charged in a currency other than USD, you will be charged 2.7% of the total transaction and it will appear as a finance charge on your statement.

Does this Card Belong in Your Wallet?

In order to answer this question, you must first evaluate your travel lifestyle. Do you prefer comfort, style and accessibility as opposed to cash back rewards? If you are a frequent traveler, you are probably looking for ways to be more productive on the road. When you are able to do work while you travel, it frees up your time for other activities. If you are going to an exotic place for a meeting or conference, the extra time that being a member of this card can earn you can be converted in leisure time instead of spending that time working on a laptop in your hotel room. If this AMEX rewards card belongs in your wallet, sign up today to see if you can get approved for this exclusive reward based credit card for international travelers.

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