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American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card | Best Rewards Of All Cards?


Shock and maze your colleagues when you whip out your American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card and foot the lunch bill. This prestigious rewards credit card is one of the best available, but don’t think to hard on getting approved for one – unless you have nearly perfect credit. This card is reserved for those with spotless credit histories. If your score isn’t hovering consistently around 800 or better, then it’s probably not gonna happen for you.

Rewards Structure of the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card

Rewards are definitely more impressive with the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card than most other cards you’ll learn of. To begin with, you’ll earn triple points for airfare purchases – and double points on all purchases made at US stand-alone fuel stations, as well as supermarkets. It’s notable that you earn trip points for all airfare purchases. It’s the only non-airline credit card that offers rewards at this level.

It’s simple to earn a variety of bonuses when you use your American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card. For instance, if you make a minimum of $2,00 in purchases within the first 90 days of membership, you will be credited with 25,000 bonus points. They never expire. And if you spend at least $30,000 on your card within one year, you’ll receive another 15,000 bonus points. So large numbers of points are commonly accumulated with this card. But what are they worth? How can you redeem them, and for what?

Redeeming you rewards points from the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card

There are loads of ways to redeem your rewards points with the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card. You can choose to trade them in on merchandise from more than 300 premium retailers. Or, you can exchange them for an array of gift cards, or merchandise. You can also elect to have them transferred to more than 20 airlines and hotels. There’s even a convenient “Pay with Points” option on the AmEx Travel Site. You can allocate your points to handle the costs of hotels, airfare, car rentals and a lot of other options. There is a minimum point redeem amount of 5000.

Never Any Interest with the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card

That’s right: the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card has eliminated the possibility of you ever incurring interest charges. That’s simply because you are absolutely required to pay off your entire balance each and every month. No balance = no interest; simple.

Passive Benefits of the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card

There are many benefits included with the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card. It is truly fat with automatic shopping, travel, entertainment and other features to make your if more enjoyable, and safe. Via these extra cool benefits, AmEx hopes to entice its cardholders to choose it, every single time they ever purchase anything. (I imagine that people that actually have these cards probably whip them out every chance they get; like for an ice cream cone at McDonald’s even. I would!) Here are those benefits:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage means that you and your family can always feel confident when traveling in your vehicles. If you blow a tire, or run out of fuel, or even if you just need a jump, you are covered. Locked out? You’re covered. Blow your entire engine up? Covered.
  • You have Baggage Insurance that keep[s you covered against damage to or loss of any checked baggage you may have in circulation.
  • You’ll be privy to getting tickets to exclusive sporting and entertainment events – before they even go on sale officially. You’ll also receive preferred treatment at these special ticket events when using the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card to pay.
  • Global Assist Hotline services exist to cater to you when you are traveling. So, if you happen to lose your passport in Guam, just pick up the phone and instantly receive professional assistance. You have a team of helpers at your disposal.
  • If you make a purchase and it gets stolen, or you lose it, or it sustains damage, it’s covered. AmEx will reimburse you completely. And if you buy an item and want to return it, but for some reason the merchant will not allow you to return it, AmEx will refund your money.
  • There’s also Warranty Extension that doubles US warranties on products your purchase. There is a 12-month maximum extension possible.

And of course, there are various other passive benefits and features of the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card. You can do a comprehensive read-upon all the juicy details concerning this high-rollin’ credit card at the AmEx website here.

The bottom line about the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card:

It’s simple: if you CAN get an American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card, then you should get one. This is a gold American Express card; a societal measure of exclusivity and refinement. Hell, even if you never use it, it would be very impressive to possess. The rewards structure is flat-out superior to the majority of other credit cards out there. You’re lucky to find an occasional one of those that may offer double points, but only on a very select few purchase types. And the only way you’ll find triple points on airfare is from an airline credit card, except for this one.

The American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card is an international symbol of success and achievement. Whenever you use it, you’re bound to be treated well, and respected. The security and versatility of this card are unparalleled in the credit card industry, except for a select few elite cards, and those are pretty much for the extra wealthy; invitation-only. So, the bottom line? If you have the credit merit to get approved for this card, then do so immediately. There are few financial tools as powerful in existence.


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