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American Express Credit Cards


American Express Credit Cards have been a popular choice for card users who want to enjoy the rewards of holding a credit card without carrying a balance from month to month. American Express was founded in 1850 – providing it with a long, respective history within the financial world and today offers users with credit and charge card services, in addition to traveler’s cheques. American Express credit cards are available for personal use, as well as small business and commercial use. Headquartered in New York City, the financial institution is considered one of the ‘20 Most Admired Companies in the World’ by Fortune.

Benefits from using the cards include airline miles, travel perks, exclusive privileges with travel accommodations and entertainment and roadside assistance.

Types of AMEX Cards

While American Express once provided cards that required a balance payoff each month, some of the newer cards offer the benefit of carrying a balance. There are cards for personal and business use including:

• American Express Gold Card
• American Express Green Card
• Centurion Card from American Express

Credit card users who want the perks of holding an AMEX card with airline mileage benefits have a choice between:

• American Express Delta Reserve Credit Card
• JetBlue Card from American Express (JetBlue Card from American Express)
• American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card

Travelers and businesses also have plenty of credit cards to choose from including:

• American Express Business Platinum
• American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card
• Blue Sky Preferred Card from American Express

Benefits of American Express Credit Cards

Holding one of these cards has its share of prestige in addition to a range of benefits and rewards. Depending on the card, cardholders can receive perks such as travel accident insurance, baggage protection, roadside assistance purchase and return protection, dispute resolution and upgrades on travel or airline accommodations.

At one point, American Express offered cards for those who paid off a balance, making the card exclusive and known as a charge card – today, users can carry a balance and enjoy many of the perks of being an American Express cardholder with the selection of credit cards.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

The annual percentage rates vary depending on credit worthiness – rates range between 12.99 to 21.99 percent on average. Choosing between the traditional charge card and credit card makes a difference with the annual percentage rates – for example, choosing the Premier Rewards Gold Card does not come with an annual percentage rate because the balance is paid off each month.

Some of their cards are free of an annual fee; however, some range between $75 to an astounding $2,500 to the invitation-only Centurion Card.

The longevity and history of American Express makes it an ideal card for many users; however, the way in which charge or credit cards are used will make an impact on the choice of card.

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