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AMEX Membership Rewards


American Express, commonly referred to as AMEX, has the longevity and prestigious reputation of providing customers with exclusive rewards and benefits. Founded in 1850, American Express has long provided customers with a range of banking services such as charge cards and credit cards, in addition to a range of travelers’ benefits. While many of the American Express credit cards provide rewards for traveling – through the accumulation of airline miles and upgrades on travel services, there are a variety of AMEX Membership Rewards Cards that offers other benefits such as cash back, retirement savings and access to insurance policies – such as auto and travelers insurance.

Types of AMEX Membership Rewards Cards

For those who don’t rely on airline miles, AMEX Membership Rewards Cards are a good alternative and provide equally exceptional rewards. The type of cards available includes:

• American Express Fidelity Investment Rewards Card
• American Express Business Centurion Card OPEN
• American Express Blue Cash Everyday
• American Express Platinum Card
• American Express Centurion Card
• American Express Green Card American Express Green Card

For those who find it difficult to be approved for an American Express card, there are other options available such as the First National Bank Graphite American Express, which offers the benefits of AMEX Membership Rewards Cards, but not as difficult to obtain.

Benefits of AMEX Membership Rewards Cards

Holding an AMEX Membership Rewards Cards offer a range of benefits to customers including cashback rewards of a certain percentage, travel and roadside benefits, and purchase protection in addition to the common travel or airline perks for some cards. AMEX Membership Rewards Cards are designed for personal or business use and provide cash back on eligible purchases when used at department stores, gas stations and other purchases.

Those looking for other unique rewards will find that American Express provides a variety of options that aren’t found with other financial institutions. For example, credit card holders can boost Fidelity investment accounts by using the Fidelity Investment Rewards Card on a selection of transactions. The assortment of benefits found with AMEX Membership Rewards Cards appeals to all users depending on spending habits or lifestyle needs.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

When it comes to AMEX Membership Rewards Cards, there a variety of annual percentage rates and annual fees associated with each card. Introductory rates are common for first-time cardholders, which typically offer a 0% rate for the first six months or a year. Cards that don’t offer the 0% introductory rates still feature low annual percentage rates compared to other credit cards – 13.99% is an average starting point, but will increase up to 29.99% with a penalty fee increase on late or missed payments. Fees included with each credit card are cash advances, foreign transactions and balance transfers.

Annual fees vary from card to card – some do not require an annual fee, but they do exist with AMEX Membership Rewards Cards and cost anywhere from $95 to $2,500 each year depending on the benefits and exclusivity.

AMEX Membership Rewards Cards provide an assortment for users to accommodate spending habits and needs – ideal for businesses or personal use that aren’t too focused on accruing airline miles, but prefer cash back rewards or customer assistance.

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