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Auto – Debit For Credit Card Accounts



Do you face problems remembering bill payments? If you have a lot of bills to pay, it is normal that you tend to forget one or two bills. To solve this problem many credit card companies have launched the auto-debit facility for its customers. It refers to the automatic debit, where the bank deducts a fixed amount from your account on a monthly basis, in order to pay a bill. This withdrawal amount is set by you. Automatic debit is a convenient option that has a lot of advantages. We list out a few benefits that will tell you why you should opt for it.


Advantages of using auto-debit


  1. No tension

With this facility, you will not have to make an effort to remember your bill payments. It will save your time by keeping a record of all the payments details. The auto-debit will automatically withdraw from your account on the due date. It keeps a full record of your payments, so that you can look into each and every bill.


  1. Simple operation

First, you need to register your account with this facility. Registration can be done by filling in an enrollment form that would be easily available at the company’s website. Once you have finished with the registration, authorize the credit card company to deduct the said amount from your checking account. Set a fixed amount on different payments as per the bill requirements. And, you’re done with all the procedures. The whole task is simple and easy to follow.


  1. Convenient

Auto-debit is a convenient option for people who have a hectic schedule. You don’t have to issue a check nor remember what all payments you need to make every month. You can easily pay on any day and even schedule an advance payment.


  1. Different payment options

You can pay as per your own preferences. Most banks give two payment options, that is, of minimum amount due and total amount due. You can choose between these two options and pay accordingly. Or else, you can check out if the company offers some other payment options.


  1. No charge or interest

There are no charges for the auto-debit facility. Moreover, if you forget paying a bill, you need to give interest for the delay payment. With this option, you are saved from paying interest due to delays or other reasons.


  1. Flexible

With this facility, you don’t need your check book or look for a drop box to pay your bills. You can easily make payments even if you’re on a holiday or vacation. Additionally, you can check your account details at anytime, whether in the middle of a night or early morning.


So, stop worrying about paying bills on time, and opt for auto-debit for your credit card account.

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