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Avenue credit card: is it worth it?


Avenue is one of the most popular online shopping destinations for plus size women’s clothing. This clothing brand is popular among many ladies. To make your purchases economical with other benefits, Avenue has come out with its own card, known as the Avenue credit card. There are two variants of this card; when you sign-up for it, you get the ‘Preferred Gold’ variant, and after you spend $200 with this card, it is automatically converted to ‘Platinum Select’. For more details of both the cards, just have a look at their multifold features.


Avenue credit card Preferred Gold features

  • $10 certificate with your new credit card
  • 30% off on a single product
  • Detailed monthly billing statements
  • Advance notification of special discounts and sales
  • No extra cost for additional cards
  • Online account handling


Avenue credit card Platinum Select features

  • $20 certificate with your new credit card
  • All benefits of Preferred Gold card are included
  • Lifetime rewards: $10 Avenue reward with every 200 points, 1 point after spending $1 on other purchases
  • Platinum bonus days
  • Access to the exclusive customer service line


Make sure that you are not an associate of any of the Avenue stores, as they cannot avail these benefits. Also, your Avenue credit card – Preferred Gold account should be in a good credit condition, then only it will be converted to Platinum Select. Issued by the Comenity Bank, these cards give 5 percent cash back at Avenue stores, which is a reasonable offer for shopping enthusiasts. The card is better than other rewards cards that only give 1 percent cash back. For instance, when you spend $500 per year, the Avenue card will offer you $50 discount as compared to $10 with other cards.


The annual fee of the Avenue credit card is not mentioned by its issuer. When you further go into the card’s fine print, you’ll notice that there is no annual fee for standard accounts, but $25 is charged on fee based accounts. Considering if you have to pay $25 each year, then the 5% cash back offer is of no use. But since the annual fee is not clear, you can always confirm it through their customer service.


Should you go for it or not?

Before signing up for the Avenue credit card, you must think about some of the important factors. These include your spending habits, bill payments, etc. If you spend a lot, then this card is worth it; but if you don’t, then go for some other card that gives 5 percent cash back on multiple brands. The 24.99% APR gives you a reason to consider whether you pay your credit bills on time or not; and if you don’t, then be ready for the high interest rates. And lastly, see if you really want a store specific card, as this is not a MasterCard or Visa credit card, so you can only make purchases from Avenue stores, and not from other brands.

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