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Bank of America AAA Member Rewards Credit Card


For many people, getting a credit card is about more than just finding a card that offers ease and convenience. Most people these days also want to be able to benefit from their credit card in other ways, which means looking for the most suitable card based on the features and benefits offered. There are many different credit cards for consumers to choose from these days, from interest free and balance transfer credit cards to business and rewards based credit cards. In order to make the most of their credit card usage, consumers simply need to look at what each type of card offers and make a decision with regards to the most suitable card based on that.


One very popular type of credit card amongst consumers these days is the rewards based credit card, which enables cardholders to earn a little something back for their loyalty and for using the card. You can get all sorts of rewards when you use these cards depending on which card you choose, such as travel rewards, cash back, vouchers, retail rewards, and more. Some cards offer a choice of rewards for users to choose from and this includes the Bank of America AAA Member Rewards Credit Card.


Who is the Bank of America AAA Member Rewards Credit Card designed for?


There are specific people that will benefit from using this credit card, and this includes people who will be using their card regularly of for high value purchases and those who repay the outstanding balance on their card in full within the interest free period. People who fall into these categories will find that it is easier to accrue points in order to redeem them for various rewards. They will also find that they are able to benefit from getting something back from the credit card company because their rewards are not being overshadowed by the interest they are being charged on outstanding debt.


If you are the type of person who only uses their card on an occasional basis, you may find that a different type of credit card will be suited to your needs, as you will otherwise find it difficult to accrue an adequate amount of points to redeem for rewards. Also, if you tend to pay interest on your credit card debt due to making gradual repayments you will find that a card such as an interest free credit card could be the best solution rather than a rewards based one otherwise your rewards will be outweighed by the amount of interest you end up paying.


The key features and benefits of the Bank of America AAA Member Rewards Credit Card


In order to decide which credit card is going to be right for your needs, it is important to ensure you look at the various features and benefits of any credit card that you are considering. This will help to ensure you find the most suitable card and the one that you can most benefit from.


Some of the key features and benefits that you can get from this card include:


Bonus points: When you make your first purchase on your credit card within 90 days of opening your account you can benefit from receiving a generous bonus of 2500 points to kick start your rewards.


Tiered points: You will be able to benefit from a tiered points system with this card, which means that you can earn more points on certain purchases. This includes triple points on eligible travel and AAA purchases and double points on purchases from gas stations, grocery stores, and drug stores. All other purchases are rewarded with the standard one point per dollar spent.


A range of rewards: As you accrue rewards points on this credit card you will be able to redeem them for a range of different things depending on your preferences. This includes rewards such as cash back, travel rewards, discount vouchers, and merchandise.


Fraud protection: The card comes with a $0 Liability Guarantee, which means that you are better protected in case you fall victim to fraud.


Online/mobile banking services: You will also be able to benefit from online account management with this credit card, which is ideal for those who want increased ease and convenience. You can also benefit from the convenience of mobile banking services.


Smart chip technology: For increased protection when using your credit card outside the United States, you will be able to enjoy the protection of having smart chip technology in place with this card.


If you tend to use your credit card on a regular basis or you make high value purchases on the card, you can quickly start to accrue points in order to exchange them for the various benefits and rewards that are available. It is advisable to use the card for day to day purchases that you would normally use cash or debit card for and then repay what you’ve spent within the interest free period. This will help to maximize on the amount that you spend, which means that you can also maximize on the points that you earn. At the same time you won’t have to worry about paying interest, as you will still be repaying the balance within the interest free period.


Other things to be aware of


It is also important to ensure that you are aware of the various other fees and charges that are associated with this or any other card before you make your decision. Some of the fees you need to consider include a 4 percent balance transfer fee, late payment fees of $35, and returned payment fees of $25. There is no annual fee with this credit card.

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