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Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card – Are The Miles Offered Good to Go?


Spirit Airlines is one of the cheapest airlines known for their flights to Florida and Caribbean. It offers the lowest airfares to 57 destinations in the US. They are offering their very own credit card called the Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card with Bank of America obviously its issuer and manager. It is a miles card offering impressive rewards which could be redeemed for miles. It was previously managed by Barclays Bank.

Rewards Structure of the Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card

Members can earn 15,000 bonus miles with their first purchase made within 90 days of becoming a Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card account holder. The bonus miles are enough to avail three round trip tickets in the off-peak season.

For every dollar spent on purchases using the Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card, you can earn 2 miles.

When you spend at least $10000 in purchases annually and pay your annual fee, you are eligible to earn 5000 anniversary bonus FREE SPIRIT miles.

When active users utilize their card each month, they can enjoy FREE SPIRIT miles that do not expire for them.

At just 5000 FREE SPIRIT miles, members can start redeeming round-trip rewards tickets.

Car rental partners of Spirit Airlines are Hertz, Avis and Budget. For a rental of up to 4 days, members can earn 50 miles per day. For rentals of five days or more members can earn 500 miles.

Miles for hotel stays can also be earned with Choice Hotels. The miles eligible to be earned are 250 per stay.

Additional Benefits

You can view your Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card statements online when you choose to opt for Paperless Statement Option, thus increasing your account security and reducing paper consumption.

Avoid missing or forgetting due dates with Account Alerts and stay in control of your balances. You can choose from different options of customer email or text alerts ensuring you never miss out on the important dates.

Access and manage your account while on the go with Mobile Banking. You can make payments to pay your credit card bill, transfer funds, check available credit and more.

You can get any account related information within seconds simply by sending a text through Text Banking.

You can enjoy greater acceptance in over 130 countries around the world including Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Make purchases with ease and confidence even when you are outside the US with the smart Chip Technology.

Stay safe from fraudulent credit card transaction with $0 Liability Guarantee. Any unauthorized transaction made from your Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card is not made unaccountable to you.

Fees and Penalty

Annual Fee

The Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card has an annual fee of $59, waived off for the first year. The fee is quite reasonable compared to other airline branded credit cards.

Annual Percentage Rate

The Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card charges an annual percentage rate on purchases and balances of 16.24%. This rate is based on your creditworthiness when you open an account. The rate is variable based on the market prime rate

The APR for cash advances is 19.99% for direct deposit and check cash advances. For bank cash advances the APR is 24.99%. These APRs are also variable based on the market prime rate.

Penalty APR

The penalty APR can be as high as 29.99% based on your creditworthiness. This is variable based on the prime rate. The penalty APR is applicable if you make a late payment for new transactions on your account. The penalty APR could apply indefinitely if your APRs are increased. Existing balances do not have a penalty APR applicable on them.

Avoid Paying Interest on Purchases

The due date to pay your interest payments is 25 days after the billing cycle closes. No interest will be charged on interest for payments if you pay your entire balance within the due date of each month. If interest is charged it will be a minimum of $1.5.

Transaction Fees:

Purchases carry a fee of $10 or 5% of the amount of transaction, whichever is greater.

Balance transfers carry a $10 or 3% of the amount of transaction, whichever is greater.

Direct deposit and check cash advances carry a $10 or 3% of amount of each transaction whichever is greater.

ATM, over the counter, same day online and cash equivalent cash advances, all carry a $10 or 5% of amount of each transaction, whichever is greater.

Foreign transactions fee is 3% for transactions carried in US dollars processed outside the US or transactions made in foreign currency.

Penalty Fee:

  • A late payment fee up to $35 is applicable.
  • For returned payments the fee is up to $25.

The rewards and fees reviewed here apply to the Bank of America World MasterCard Credit Card. A lower tier card is the Platinum Plus which has a $19 annual fee applicable from the second year of becoming a card member. The APR which applies to the Platinum Plus accounts is slightly higher than its counter account card, and is 19.24% for purchases and balance transfers alike. Platinum Plus account holders receive just one mile per dollar spent as compared to the Bank of America World MasterCard Credit Card holders.

Bottom Line

The Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card looks like a promising card for users who frequently use the low fare spirit airlines for their travel. It will work in your benefit if you are an active user of the card since your miles could expire. The miles earning program is fair and the APR is also standard. What you must be aware of is that:

  • If you don’t earn miles every three months, they will expire.
  • Life of miles cannot be extended by redeeming them
  • Miles can be redeemed for an award ticket for anyone but to make changes to the award or cancel it, a fee of $110 is applicable.
  • Miles can be prevented from expiration if you make a purchase once every month using your Bank of America Spirit Airlines Credit Card

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