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Bank of the West


Founded in 1874, Bank of the West primarily serves customers with branches in the Midwest and Western portions of the United States. Headquartered in San Francisco, Bank of the West offers customers a range of banking and credit card services in addition to loans, investments and insurance. The selection of Bank of the West credit cards provides cardholders with an assortment of benefits and features to accommodate spending needs and lifestyle.

Bank of the West credit cards provide options for the basic cardholder, in addition to offering reward points with qualifying purchases. Throughout each of the credit cards, access to online banking is provided, which makes it easy to track spending and monitor transactions. Those looking for the customer service of a smaller bank with the prestige of holding a MasterCard will appreciate the benefits and rewards associated with the Bank of the West credit cards.

Types of Bank of the West Credit Cards

There are three main cards for customers to choose between including:

• Standard MasterCard Credit Card
• Platinum MasterCard Credit Card
• Platinum Rewards MasterCard Credit Card

For those who want the ease and convenience of a credit card and aren’t necessarily interested in rewards points, or don’t plan on using it enough to generate enough points for redeeming, the Standard MasterCard Credit Card is ideal. The Platinum Rewards Card provides one reward point for each dollar spent on qualifying purchases, which can be used on cash rebates, travel, merchandise or gift cards. The Platinum MasterCard offers a lower annual percentage rate than the other two selections.

Benefits of Bank of the West Credit Cards
Benefits of the Bank of the West credit cards vary depending on the selection. All cards receive the 24/7 access to online banking – the Platinum Rewards Card provides unlimited reward points with no expiration. These reward points can be used for discounts on travel or in the form of cash back.

Additional features include zero liability for any unauthorized purchases made with the card, price protection, and theft resolution services.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

In addition to the benefits of the Bank of the West credit cards, there are no annual fees associated with having a card. For the first six months of opening a credit card, there is a 0% introductory annual percentage rate, but then it increases anywhere from 13.74% to 17.74% depending on the card. Balance transfers have increased APRs depending on the card selection and credit worthiness, while the cash advance APR increases to 24.99%. Avoiding a penalty APR is ideal, as it becomes 29.99% with any late or missed payments.

Bank of the West credit cards are a great option for those who don’t want all the bells and whistles found with other credit cards, especially when they come with high annual fees and interest rates. The modest rewards program is substantial for many new credit card users and the lower interest rates make it competitive with other financial institutions. Bank of the West provides cardholders with low rates, worldwide acceptance and a small bank feel.

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