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BankAmericard for Students Review


If you’re a student, don’t think that the number of credit cards available to you is limited. Quite the contrary – more and more credit card companies are coming out with great rates on credit cards specifically for students who have little to no credit and are just starting one. In our review of the BankAmericard for Students, we’ll take a look at all of the potential benefits this credit card may have for students with little to no credit.

BankAmericard for Students Review

One of your financial priorities as a student should be to start building up as much good credit as possible. With the BankAmericard for Students, it’s possible to build up a decent amount of credit fairly quickly. The low APR is another great attribute of the BankAmericard for Students, who already have a lot to worry about. The variable interest rate starts at 10.99% and goes up to 20.99% in some cases. There is no annual fee with the BankAmericard for Students, which is another relief. The BankAmericard for Students does have a 3% foreign transaction fee, however, so if you’re considering studying abroad, this might not be your card of choice. As a student with a lot on your mind, it can be easy to forget payments. There is a $35 charge for each missed or late payment, however, this will not dramatically affect your credit score. Speaking of forgetfulness, if you happen to accidentally lose or misplace your BankAmericard for Students credit card somewhere, there is no liability fee to reverse fraudulent transactions. All in all, the BankAmericard for Students is quite forgiving. This is also a great choice as your first credit card because of the great 24 hour customer support provided for BankAmericard for Students cardholders in case you have any questions about specific fees or anything else.

The BankAmericard for Students is actually only available for students. This is the only requirement in applying for this credit card. The BankAmericard for Students does not come with any rewards or incentives, however, given the great rates and low fees associated with the BankAmericard for Students, this credit card is easily one of the best available to students who need to build up their credit score.

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