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BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards Review – Bank of America’s Best Cash Rewards Card?


BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards is an excellent credit card issued by the Bank of America. This card is an ideal choice for those looking to earn a little something back from their credit cards. It gives you cash backs on spending at the grocery store or every time you pay at the gas station with your credit card.
Apart from the low interest rates, cash backs, a special interest-free period on purchases, and balance transfers, this VISA card has a lot of additional benefits which make it stand among the top credit cards in America.

Let’s take a look at the features and benefits which make BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards credit cards so special:

1% cash back on purchases made everywhere, every time:   The BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards gives you 1% cash back on every purchase you make apart from your grocery or gas expenses. This is really appealing for those who usually use their credit cards for daily purchases. You can earn 2% cash back at grocery stores and 3% cash back on gas for $1,500 in combined grocery store and gas purchases each quarter.  For people who spend a lot on gas and grocery, this card will prove really profitable. Spending $1500 every quarter in combined grocery and gas expenses will get you sweet cash back and 1% off on all other purchases you make.

Rewards are earned automatically and they don’t expire:  Most of the cards providing rewards also put an expiry to it. This makes you spend all your rewards haphazardly. The BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards card doesn’t work that way. You can accumulate all the rewards you want, for as long as you want without having to worry about the expiry date.

No Cash back enrollment is required to earn rewards: Opposite to most of the credit cards, you won’t have to worry about enrolling in a any cash back programs. Since the day you are issued your credit card you can start earning some cash back.

Cash backs are earned automatically and they don’t expire: You can accumulate your cash backs as long as you want. They won’t expire either and you have the convenience to redeem them whenever you want.  $100 cash rewards on spending $500 within the first three months You can earn $100 online cash rewards once you successfully make $500 purchases using your card in the first 90 days. This is a really nice gesture and offers great value to customers when they use their credit card. Customers get a 50% bonus when they redeem their cash back in to a Bank of America account or a Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Account.

Smart Chip technology: When you apply for your BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards you have the option to choose if you want to add the Smart Chip. This offers greater acceptance in other parts of the world as well, comes in handy while travelling. This also ensures additional security for your credit card, meaning you can safely make purchases within or outside US, without having to worry about anything.

$0 liability guaranty: In case your BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards gets lost or it is stolen and someone uses it to make purchases, you won’t be liable at all. This gives you a sense of security and ease when carrying around your Bank Americard. You won’t be held responsible for any purchases you notice you didn’t make.

24/7 access to ATMs and Bank representatives: Bank of America has a widespread network of ATMs which can be used anytime. They also operate a 24/7 support center where bank representatives are always present with solutions to your problems.

Award Winning Online Banking System: Bank of America maintains an award winning online banking system, which is accessible and operational 24/7, 365.

Interest rates and Fee

$0 Annual Fee: The BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards has absolutely no annual or monthly fee for the first year, after which the fee is waived off for customers with qualifying assets. After the first year, customers have to pay a $75 fee which is less compared to other cards.

0% introductory APR on first 12 billing cycles: For people looking forward to making expensive purchases with their credit cards, they can make the most out of it in the interest-free period of the initial 12 months since the credit card is issued. After this there is a 12.99% – 22.99% variable APR on all purchases made.

Balance transfer Fee: There is a 3% fee (minimum of $10) on balance transfers. This is what most credit cards charge.

Shop Safe Technology: The trademarked Shop Safe feature allows users to shop securely online, it adds an extra layer of protection when shopping on the internet.

Paperless Statements: Paperless credit card statements are also provided to optimize security and lower paper consumption.

Safe Pass Technology:  This trademarked security features provides users with a one-time 6 digit code to make security the highest priority for Bank Americard customers.

Mobile Banking: Mobile banking allows you to check available credit through a simple text. It can also be used for paying credit card bill online and to transfer funds.

Why Is This Credit Card Recommended?

BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards is an excellent choice for people who want to build cash back on their purchases, especially those people who spend a large chunk of money on groceries and gas expenses.  This card is also recommended for people who are planning a purchase which requires big bucks and then repaying it in the first 12 months of this card. Also if your current credit is charging a higher APR, transfer to the BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards as this will charge you a 0% APR for any balances you transfer to this card in the first year.  Additionally this card is providing a remarkable cash back program which doesn’t need any enrollment or anything. The $100 cash back bonus on spending $500 is a pretty attractive offering as well. SmartChip technology makes it impossible for the card to be cloned and makes it even easier to use. All these benefits and features make the BankAmericard Privileges with Cash Rewards a must to have!

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