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Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard


If you are looking for a rewards based credit card that offers flexibility and great value, the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard could be the ideal choice. This is a credit card that makes it easy to clock up rewards points, which can then be redeemed for a variety of exciting rewards or even cash. For many people who use their credit cards regularly and repay them in full each month, having a rewards based credit card is the ideal solution as it enables them to get something back for using their credit card.


There are many different options available when it comes to rewards based credit card, with a variety of exciting rewards on offer for those who want to use this type of card. With the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard you can enjoy real flexibility, as the card does not focus on a particular type of reward. Instead, it enables you to earn rewards points, which you can then redeem for one of a variety of great rewards including travel rewards, discounts, entertainment based rewards, cash back, and experiences. This means that you can choose the rewards that best suit your needs and preferences while also enjoy the flexibility, ease, security, and convenience of having a widely accepted credit card.


Who is the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard designed for?


The Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard is designed for use by those who use their credit card regularly or who plan to make high value purchases on the card. The more you spend on your card the more rewards points you can earn. If you do not really spend much on your credit card or only want a card for emergencies, you will find that a rewards based card such as this is not really the most appropriate choice as you will not earn adequate points to exchange for rewards due to your low spending levels. If, on the other hand, you use your card on a regular basis or to make bigger purchases, you can quickly accrue the necessary amount of rewards points to redeem against a variety of rewards.


Another thing to bear in mind is that this card is ideally designed for those who clear their outstanding balance within the standard interest free period. If you are looking to spread the repayments on your balance, you will find that you are better off with another type of credit card such as a 0 percent interest card. This is because the interest that you are charged on your outstanding balance will be far higher than the value of the rewards that you can earn by using the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard. Therefore, make sure that you are able to clear your balance each month in full if you plan to apply for the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard.


Key features and benefits of the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard


There are a number of key features and benefits that come with the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard, and by looking at these you can better determine whether this is the right credit card for your needs. While the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard may not be suited to everyone it is a great choice for those who intend to use their card regularly and want to earn something back from their credit card provider. Some of the key features and benefits that you can look forward to with this card include:


  • Earn points for spending: You can quickly clock up rewards points when you use this credit card, as you earn one reward point for every dollar you spend on the card. Therefore, the more you use your card to make purchases the more you can earn in terms of rewards.


  • Earn bonus rewards points: You can also net yourself a generous amount of bonus rewards points with this credit card. If you spend $500 on purchases or balance transfers within ninety days of opening your account you can earn 10,000 bonus reward points.


  • Rewards points for financial and investment services: With this credit card you can earn additional bonus rewards points for making investments or purchasing specified financial services and products such as home or auto insurance.


  • Invest your points: When you earn rewards points on this credit card you can increase their value by investing them into an Ameriprise financial account, where you can get up to 1.25 percent cash back.


  • No annual fee: With this credit card you do not have to pay any annual fee, which is not always the case with rewards based credit cards.


  • A choice of rewards: With the rewards points you accrue on your credit card, you can redeem them against a wide range of exciting rewards such as entertainment, travel, discounts, cash back, and more.


  • Security and protection: You will be able to benefit from a range of security features with this credit card, which means you can enjoy increased convenience and peace of mind when using the card. This includes ID theft resolution, extended warranties, purchase security, and price protection, all of which come as standard with the card.


These are some of the key benefits and features that you will be able to look forward to when you use this credit card.


Points to remember


If you are considering applying for the Barclays Ameriprise World Mastercard you should bear in mind that this card is not necessarily going to be suited to everyone. If you do intend to use the card regularly and repay the balance in full each month, it is an excellent choice due to the diversity of the rewards available. If, however, you plan to spread the repayments on your balance or do not intend to use the card much you may find that an alternative credit card is more suitable.


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