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Barclays China Airlines Credit Cards — Frequent Flights to Asia?


As one of the largest airlines in the world, China Airlines offers service to countless destinations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. While the airline counts Asia as a focus destination – including cities such as Hong Kong and Taipei – passengers can utilize the benefits and customer service with China Airlines at many United States airports. In an effort to accommodate passengers living in the United States, Barclays Bank has teamed up with China Airlines to create the Barclays China Airlines MasterCard, which offers a variety of benefits and rewards with purchases.

Benefits of Barclays China Airlines

There are two Barclays China Airlines credit cards to compare – each offering a substantial number of benefits and rewards. First is the China Airlines World MasterCard, which provides benefits with no annual fee. These rewards include:

  • 2,500 bonus miles after the initial balance transfer or purchase
  • Up to 5,000 bonus miles for cardholders who complete a balance transfer within 30 days of opening the account
  • One airline mile for each $1 spent on travel with China Airlines
  • One airline mile for every $2 spent anywhere

The other option with a Barclays China Airlines is the China Airlines World MasterCard with an annual fee of $59. This low annual fee offers cardholders increased benefits, such as:

  • 7,500 bonus miles after the first balance transfer or purchase
  • Up to 5,000 bonus miles for cardholders who complete a balance transfer within 30 days of opening the account
  • Two airline miles for each $1 spent on travel through China Airlines
  • One mile for each $1 spent anywhere

Determining whether the annual fee is worth it is one of the essential factors in choosing between the two Barclays China Airlines options. The annual fee is fairly standard for an airline rewards card and if the cardholder is expected to complete a balance transfer or purchase within the first 30 days, the additional bonus miles associated with the annual fee card might be worth the cost. That being said, accruing airline miles with the Barclays China Airlines card requiring an annual fee is faster, as cardholders have the ability to earn more miles with each purchase or transaction.

When it comes to the perks and benefits of the Barclays China Airlines, it’s important to note that the offers provided are based on credit worthiness and approval. The bonus miles are awarded at the end of billing statements – not upon sign-up.

Rates and Fees with Barclays China Airlines

Depending on the card chosen – one with the annual fee or not – the terms and conditions are fairly similar. The annual percentage rate for the Barclays China Airlines varies between 15.99% and 24.99%, which depends on credit history and worthiness. The annual percentage rate remains the same for balance transfers – however, if the cardholder is approved for the higher interest rate, it makes sense to compare other credit cards or options during a balance transfer as the 24.99% only works ideally if the cardholder is transferring from a card with a hefty 25.99 or 29.99% rate.

It’s also essential to make payments on time without missing any monthly balances, as the penalty annual percentage rate increases to 27.24% — still a bit less than the standard 29.99% on most other credit cards. Aside from the increased rate with a penalty APR, these higher interest rates likely apply to the Barclays China Airlines credit card indefinitely. Responsible borrowing and timely payment are key when preventing the higher rates and fees associated with any credit card.

As previously mentioned, there are two card options with one of the fundamental differences being a card with an annual fee, and one without. The annual fee is $59 and provides enhanced benefits and value in the form of additional airline miles and faster way to accrue miles with travel purchases and everyday spending. Transaction fees for balance transfers and cash advances are either $10 or 4% for balance transfers and 5% for cash advances, whichever is the greater amount. Foreign transaction fees are set at the standard 3% for every transaction. Late or returned payments incur a $35 penalty fee.

The Barclays China Airlines is a MasterCard issued through the Barclays Bank Delaware, which means that any issues or disputes with the card should be directed to Barclays, rather than China Airlines. There are countless airline rewards credit cards available with virtually any airline around, but for those traveling frequently to Asia or using the flyer reward program through China Airlines, the Barclays China Airlines is a good idea. For cardholders living in the United States, China Airlines flies to destinations such as, but not limited to:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Honolulu
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • San Francisco

When signing up for any credit card, it’s important to look at the fees and charges associated with opening an account and whether or not having the card is beneficial. The Barclays China Airlines offers two options – with or without annual fees – that accommodate the needs and spending habits of its customers. For those who don’t use China Airlines frequently, there is not much purpose in applying for a card as a predominate number of airline miles rewards are earned through booking travel with China Airlines.

For those using a greater number of international destinations, other airline rewards cards might serve various cardholders better and provide even more benefits, such as seat upgrades, complimentary baggage check, hotel or rental car accommodations, airline miles and even cash back in some instances. If using an Asia-based carrier is ideal, the Barclays China Airlines is a satisfactory credit card to have in the wallet. Always compare rates and offers with two or three credit cards to ensure signing up for the best option — Barclays China Airlines is a great option for those who have exceptional credit and fly internationally to Asia, especially those who frequently fly to various Asian destinations for business or personal travel.

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