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Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard Review – Fill ‘er up?


If you frequently purchase gas at Gulf gas stations, you could earn a nice return on the money you are already spending if you began using a rewards credit card such as the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard to make your fuel purchases. You can earn 3% cash back on your Gulf fuel purchases. This can add up to big savings when you consider how much a typical family spends on fuel each year. As consumers, we can’t do anything in regards to fuel costs because the market determines what we pay at the pump. What we can do is gain every edge possible and this offer could help you do that.

The Math: How much can a Consumer Save Using the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard?

The average driver logs 15,000 miles per year. The average car uses about 25 miles per gallon. This equates to the average person buying 600 gallons of fuel per year. With the average gallon of gas costing around $3.50, the average consumer will spend around $2,100 per year on gas. Since you receive 3% back off of all of your Gulf gasoline purchases, you would be eligible to get about $63 in cash back per year. That is not a bad end of the year bonus for buying something you have to buy anyways. For the math to work out in your favor, it is important to pay off the balance on this credit card each month. If you do this, Barclays will not add any interest charges onto your statement and you will be able to pocket the $63 in rewards.

Top Features of this Gas Rewards Card

Barclays is known for the generous credit terms that they offer to credit worthy consumers. When you sign up for the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard, you will receive:

  • 0% APR for 6 Months – Applies to both balance transfers and new purchases.
  • 14.99% – 23.99% APR – Your rate will between these percentage points after the introductory period. Actual rate is determined on credit worthiness.
  • $0 Annual Fee – Many gasoline rewards cards have an annual fee; this one does not.
  • 3% Cash back on all Gulf purchases – If Gulf is a mainstay in your community, it makes sense to get this card.
  • 1% Cash back on all other purchases – You also get rewarded for other purchases such as groceries.

A More In-depth Look at this Offer

The Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard is one of the better gasoline credit cards on the market today. Many competing gas rewards cards entice the consumer with rebates in the form of cents off per gallon. The catch with those cards is that they charge you an annual fee. This gas rewards card has received positive reviews in popular online review forums. This offer does not charge the consumer an annual fee. The $0 annual fee and the introductory APR make this card an attractive offer for those who are frequently buying fuel at Gulf convenience stores. Unlike other credit cards for gasoline stations, there are no catches and surprises with the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard.

What to Consider Before Applying

  • From a rewards standpoint, it is important to note that if you do not have Gulf gas stations near you, the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard probably isn’t right for you.
  • The 0% APR for the first 6 months and no annual fee may be enticing enough to consider applying anyways.
  • This gas credit card is geared towards those who have average or better than average credit. If your credit score is below the low 600s, you should probably try applying for a different offer.

Fine Print: Additional Terms for this Offer

When you use this card to transfer a balance, you will incur a 4% fee or a fee of a $10, whichever is greater. There are no fees for going over your credit limit. If you do not pay your bill on time, your interest rate goes up to 27.24% for an indefinite period of time. If you have to use this card for a cash advance, the APR on those types of transactions is 25.24%. You are also charged a 5% fee or $10 for cash advances, whichever is greater. If you are charged interest on this card, the minimum interest charge is $2. If you would like to use this rewards card in a fashion that does not charge you interest, you must pay your charges in full within 23 days of the end of the billing cycle. If you use the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard in a foreign country, you will be charged a 3% fee on each transaction. If you are late on your payment, you will be penalized with a $35 late fee. If your payment bounces, you will incur a $35 fee. If you go over your credit limit, there is no fee.

Is This Gas Rewards Card Right For Me?

Getting a new credit card is a big decision in your life. If you are a good steward of your money, credit cards with rewards can actually work in your favor. Think about all of the necessities you spend money on each month. Since gasoline is a staple of the first world lifestyle, you and your family probably keep gas in all of your cars. Have you ever wondered how to get money back on each of those fuel purchases? On average, consumers earn $63 per year in cash back rewards with the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard. If you have 3 drivers in your household, you could get additional credit cards made for them and you could earn rewards 3 times as fast.

Making your money work for you is something that every smart consumer should practice. If you are already spending money at Gulf, why not capitalize on this offer and get a return on the products you are already buying anyways? When you look at it like that, you could be losing money by not having the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard in your wallet. If the Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard makes sense for you and your family, go ahead and apply for this offer now.

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