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Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card Review – Rewards Onboard?


The Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card is the first, and certainly the flagship, credit card from the established, dual heritage cruise company, Holland America Line. The cruise giant has teamed up with banking giant Barclays to bring the first card of its kind to the fore. This credit card will allow card holders to earn free cruises, onboard credits, exclusive onboard amenities and discounted airfare for simple card usage. The way that these cards work when used onboard is to provide the user the ability to purchase products at a cash cost and then redeem these costs in the form of points that are stored within your card’s details. The card owner can then choose from a wide variety of products and features when redeeming their points. In a sense, these points are accumulated in the same way as if you were to collect your own cash balance, but as they are external to your standard currency, they act as a bonus to your spending limit as opposed to a replacement. If major airlines can reward their customers by offering specialised credit cards, why can’t a major cruise company? As it stands, Holland America Line is one of only six cruise companies to create affiliate credit cards. With these tailored cards and industry specific possibilities, if your ultimate goal when choosing a credit card is a free cruise, let’s get started.

Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card At a Glance

This credit card offers travel related rewards which card holders earn through specific purchases. The Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card targets regular cruise patrons who have a good to perfect credit score. Of course there are many more competitive travel reward cards on the market, but this one is ‘industry specific’. By remaining specifically inclined towards the cruise industry, this card has become known as one of the market leaders for individuals that frequently take part in both national and international cruises, by providing these passengers with the opportunity to collate an amount of points over the course of their purchases and then allow these points to amount to a reward, which can be spent on products and other purchases, or further collected for a higher spending limit. With the added bonus of not having to affect your cash, you can save up points to be spent all at once or spread over a specific amount of time.

Why should I commit to this Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card?

If you are looking for a card that will offer you a vast array of travel benefits, this Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card is definitely not for you, but if you travel regularly with Holland America Line, it might just be worthwhile. Firstly, Barclays is a well established British bank. They are currently the largest credit card provider in Europe. This gives the card holder a decent amount of trust in the services that will be provided should any problems arise. Secondly, for every $1 you spend on travel with Holland America, you earn two points and for all other purchases you earn one point. There is a great welcome bonus though; card holders can earn 5,000 points by simply using the card for the first time and an additional 5,000 points for balance transfers that are made within the first 30 days of membership. Points Points can be redeemed against be redeemed against cruises and all onboard expenses including spa treatments, excursions, special cruise packages and cooking classes.

The rewards program even allows Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card cardholders to redeem points against discounted and reduced cost cruises. Cardholders will be held responsible for all charges incurred in connection with the cruise, including the initial travel to the port of departure and, as with most credit cards, certain restrictions do apply.

Obviously the rewards are limited compared to other travel benefit credit cards, but for such a specific card, we kind of guessed as much. All accumulated points will expire after five years if you stop using the Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card, so unless you are planning on a long term partnership, this card again may not be for you. There is an introductory APR of 0% on all balance transfers for twelve months, but after that, as a standard APR’s vary, the lowest APR is 13.99% but can hit as high as 20.99% depending on your credit worthiness. The most attractive feature of this card is the fact that there is no annual fee.

What else can I expect from this card?

The Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card gives card holders more than just great initial bonus point perks; let’s take a look at the other travel benefits that this card has to offer.

  • There are no fees when you spend over your credit limit
  • Card holders can redeem points online
  • Statement credit will automatically appear as a “credit amount” on your account



If you are looking for a long term, reward scheme that is specific to Holland America Line, the Barclays Holland America Line Rewards Visa Card will make your cruising experience an unforgettable one. If you cruise with other companies or cruise infrequently, this card really isn’t going to offer you anything. Barclays is a huge player in the credit card industry, so if this credit card sounds good, but maybe not good enough, they are sure to offer numerous credit cards that will offer you something even more worthwhile. For those of you that are specifically interested in cruises with the added ability to collect a fair amount of points per dollar spent, this is a great card. With options to renew, replenish and even purchase products with your collected points alone, you will find yourself able to splash out of extra luxuries whilst on your cruise, without having to dip in to your cash balance when doing so.


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