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Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard – Flying Made Easy?



Barclays has a long list of credit cards known to be geared towards travel, and they have tie-ups with various commercial air and water carriers, right from Princess Cruises to Singapore Airlines.Many of Barclays’ wide-ranging and extensive travel rewards programs are engineered towards rewarding frequent flyers and loyal hotel guests. While many of these travel cards are designed specifically for the exact needs of the clients, card holders should carefully consider all aspects of travel cards. Indeed, travellers are much better off selecting more versatile cards with better rewards, like the Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard. Icelandair is Iceland’s flagship and leading airline, and along with Barclays, offers Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard intended to encourage business travellers and tourists to travel with them from and to destinations across 12 countries.

Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard – The Good Stuff

Issued and managed by Barclays Bank Delaware, the Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard is available to individuals in every state except Iowa. This card is aimed for the personal use of customers with an excellent credit history and credit score.Customers are actually offered a choice between two versions of this card – the first is the no annual fee card with lesser rewards, while the other one is the standard credit card which comes with a yearly fee of $39. The latter has a few extra perks, particularly in the area of earning more Customer Club points. Both cards can be applied for on the card section on the Icelandair website.

The card works as follows – every time the cardholders makes a purchase or buys something, he/she earns something known as Customer Club points. These points can then be redeemed across various categories of offerings such as travel, shopping and others.Focusing on the standard version of the Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard,the rewards program offered by the card is extensive. The credit card basically offers 2 bonus or reward points for every $1 that the tourist spends on travel by Icelandair. The card also offers 1 point for every $1 that the cardholders spend anywhere else. The cardholder is additionally awarded with 10,000 bonus award points as a one-time offer after hisbalance transfer or first purchase with the credit card. The card also enables cardholders to earn 1 reward point for every $1 in the transfer balances that are shifted to their new accounts. This reward can only be earned if the transfer is done within the first 30 days of new account’s opening. The upper limit on this is 10,000 reward Points. The points on this card can be earned on any scheduled Icelandair flightsas well as flights scheduled with their partner companies, which include Air Iceland and Air Domestic.The card has also tied up with world-class top notch hotels like the Marriot, Park Inn and the Radisson SAS, and car rental companies like Hertz where the cardholders can also redeem points.The card also covers and insures cardholders for any accidental theft or damages happening to rental cars booked through the card.These reward points can also be redeemed by cardholders on other travel and shopping benefits.The no-fee version of this cardallows cardholders to earn 1 reward/bonus point for every $2 that the cardholders spend anywhere else on any other purchases.

The other benefits offered by the standard version of the Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard are that children from the ages of 2 years upto 15 years of age get a 50% discount off reward bookings done anywhere. Cardholders also have access to the possibility of getting upgraded to the next class using their reward points, become privileged customers, and gain recognition as frequent flyers to gain better access to facilities. The card even supports the Special Children Initiative, where they help and support families who have children with long-term illnesses have vacations of a lifetime and enable them to travel abroad.

The reward program of the Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard also offers a 0% introductory rate financing for the first 6 months on all balance transfers. After the initial introduction period of 6 months, the standard APR rate for balance transfers and purchases will be applicable which is around 15.24%, or 18.24%, both of which are variable. This APR rate is based on the cardholder’s creditworthiness and the rates can vary based on the changes that happen to the prime rate. The applicants should necessarily have a good credit track record and a FICO-approved 716+ score. The latter is recommended and not required. The higher the score, the better it is for the cardholders.

The cons of the card

The only problem while using the Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard comes in the form of its transfer fee, which is higher than most other similarly structured credit cards. The cash advances and other fees charged are set at $10 or 3%, whichever is higher. Similarly, the balance transfer fee is set at $10 or 4%, whichever is higher. On returned payments and late payments, penalty fees of up to $35 are charged.However, if cardholders cross their credit limits, there is no fee considered.

Overall, Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard travel card has been specifically designed for traveler who extensively use Icelandair for travelling. The card is also ideal for customers who want to have options between the no fee card and the standard Barclays card, and compare the benefits and then apply for them. The card is perfectly suited for those individuals who are keenly seeking the 0% introductory financing offer and pay off their card balances at the end of each month. The best part about this card is that while Icelandair endorses the use of the card with their services. What’s more,the card can be used anywhere in the world where a MasterCard is accepted.Barring the glitch of the high transfer fee, Barclays Icelandair World MasterCard is perfectly suited for all those Icelandic travelers.

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