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Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card: Does it Make Sense?


The Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card was previously presented through MBNA America, but in 2013 Barclays Bank of Delaware took control of the card and did make some adjustments to the rewards program. For anyone not familiar with this retailer, L.L. Bean was established more than a century ago in Freeport, Maine, and has earned a stellar reputation for clothing for people that enjoy the great outdoors because if you can’t find it there you won’t anywhere. There are under 30 stores in the United States and several in Japan, so the company conducts most of their business through mail and online ordering. It definitely works for them as they sell more than a billion dollars worth of merchandise each year.

The Basics of the Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card

The Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card has no annual charge and offers 3% in rewards on any purchases from its facilities (excludes Japan), 10% on L.L. Bean Discovery School enrollment fees and 1% for anything else you buy. Also, if you charge more than $250 dollars within the first three months of opening your account you will obtain 30 bonus coupons. They also have a few other perks that spice up their rewards program like:

  • Customers receive a $10 coupon for all merchandise when 10 dollars worth of rewards points are attained
  • Returning items does include a shipping fee
  • Members are eligible for special sales and discounts throughout the year
  • Customers are also entitled to free monogramming on their purchases which normally costs $8 per line

The Real Deal on the Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card

When Barclay’s came on board it did allow for the L.L. Bean to pick up the pace and keep up with the retail competition in rewards. Prior to their new sponsor, the card only provided .5% on all items purchased rather than 1%. They still have room to grow, however, as many stores often offer up to 5% back in rewards on their items rather than only 3%. Now the big savings comes from signing up for their outdoor classes. The thing is they are not offered in many locations and how many people really take them or would sign up for the Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card just for that purpose? It’s probably a minority.

It cannot be denied L.L. Bean is a quality retailer that manufactures outstanding products. My parents have the Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card and they adore it, but they live in upstate New York so they use it all the time. The rewards are worth it to them and they really like the special sales offers they receive. If you love the store and their merchandise, why not grab the discount they offer since they card is free to possess? Whether you choose to obtain the Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card really depends on how you feel about them. It’s truly personal preference.



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