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Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card Review – Does it Score a Touchdown?


Barclays Visa NFL Extra Points credit card is offering quite a few perks to NFL fans; new cardholders have the opportunity to earn 40,000 bonus points (worth approximately $400 in credit statement), after you spend approximately $1,000 within three months of the account opening. Is this a good deal? That depends on you. Numerous credit card issuers today offer a variety of benefits and perks in order to get consumers to sign up and apply for their credit cards. We’ll provide a brief overview of the Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card to see if it scores in your book.

Benefits of the Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card

It’s always easy to talk about the benefits and perks offered by a variety of credit card issuers, and the NFL Extra Points credit card is no different. One of the perks that a football fan might appreciate is your ability to pick your favorite team from the NFC or AFC, east, west, north or south for your card design. However, we would never advise a consumer to choose a credit card just for the graphic image! The NFL Extra Points credit card offers unique benefits and bonuses when it comes to inside access and rewards.  What exactly does that mean?

That means that you can use your points to attend some of your favorite games, including access to post-game press conferences, or for stadium seats, season tickets, and discounts at NFLshop.com. For example, 10,000 points will get you access to a post-game press conference, while 25,000 points can get you two good seats at the stadium to see your favorite football team. You’ll earn two times the points on NFL purchases for every dollar spent with your Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card at Team Pro shops, in stadium, and NFL shop.com venues.

Other purchases earn one point per one dollar, and you won’t be dealing with any cap limits with those. You can redeem your points for 1% cashback statement credits or for football rewards.

One of the best perks for diehard football fans are the season and game ticket financing options, where the cardholder enjoys no interest financing for six months on ticket purchases that equal $500 or more. Rewards are also available to use on game tickets, field passes, exclusive experiences, gift cards, and football gear. You can also use your cashback as a statement credit for hotels, airlines flights to get you to that game, and more.

Redeeming Rewards

The Barclays NFL Extra Points credit card makes it easy to redeem points in a variety of options. Turn your points into 1% statement credits. For example, 10,000 points can be redeemed for $100 statement credits on your everyday purchases of $25 or more. Or, you can opt to redeem your points for cash toward travel that can be used on airline flights, rental cars, hotel stays, and dining or shopping while on your football trip.

When it comes to annual card spending, it’s easy to see how your Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card rewards can accumulate. Check out how you can spend your rewards by accessing their website

Following are a few more examples on how you can trade points for perks:

  •  1,500 points can get you some team apparel
  • 2,000 points can get you the IP stadium tour tickets
  • 2,500 points can get you some cash back
  • 20,000 points will get you a pre-game sideline pass
  • 25,000 points can earn you to regular-season game tickets, a hotel stay, or a $200 NFL shop.com gift card.
  • 50,000 points can be redeemed for $500 toward a flight
  • 50,000 points can also get you a tour of the NFL films and NFL league offices in New York City
  • 100,000 points earns you a round of golf with the current NFL player
  • 200,000 points will get you two Super Bowl tickets.

As you can see, for diehard football fans, the Barclays NFL Extra Points credit card is certainly worth a look. However, always be aware that there are limitations, exclusions, and penalties attached to every credit card. This one is no different.

Let’s Talk About Interest Rates and Charges

The Barclays NFL Extra Points credit card is certainly attractive to football fans, but it does come with a number of terms and conditions. Upon opening your account, your annual percentage rate (APR) will range between 14.99% and 22.99%, based on your credit history and credit worthiness. You can expect to pay the same when it comes to balance transfers. Cash advances charge 25.24%, and penalty APRs may range up to 27.24%, again based on credit history and credit worthiness.

If you make a late payment, your APR can instantly rise to 27.24%, and this APR, according to the Barclays bank website, can remain “indefinitely”.

Minimum interest charges are generally not less than two dollars. While you don’t have to pay an annual fee for the Barclays NFL Extra Points credit card, you will pay transaction fees for balance transfers, cash advances, and foreign transactions.  Expect to pay $10 or 4% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is larger. When it comes to cash advances, be prepared to pay $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is larger.  Foreign transactions come with a 3% fee, determined in US dollars.

While you will not pay a penalty for going over your credit line, you will pay a $35 penalty fee for late payment or a returned payment. A number of terms and conditions also apply to the special promotional financing offer in regard to the NFL game ticket purchases. Make sure that you read these terms and conditions of your Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card completely in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. For example, the offer is only viable on qualifying NFL game tickets processed by a participating NFL team ticket office.

Bottom line – The Barclays NFL Extra Points credit card is certainly attractive to football fans, but might not be of much interest to someone who is not a diehard fan.  It may take quite some time (and expenditures) to accrue points to redeem for some of the bigger “perks”, but that’s up to you. While the rewards may be attractive to football fans, keep in mind that the amount of money that you have to spend to accumulate the points may not score the touchdown you were hoping for.

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