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Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card | Feel Like Cruisin’?


You can save a lot of money of cruises and other travel plans with the Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card. You can apply online and get a very quick acceptance, or denial. This Visa is a Traditional Rewards Visa, not a Visa Signature. When you apply, you will be considered for both. If your credit merit is not excellent, you won’t qualify for the Signature. This card has a 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months. There is never an annual fee.

About Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card Princess Points

Earning rewards points with the Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card is fairly straightforward. You will get 2 Princess Points for every U.S. dollar spent on Princess Cruise Lines purchases. This includes purchasing the tickets and whatever you may buy while aboard the vessel. You also earn 1 Princess Point for every dollar you spend otherwise with the card. Cash advances at the onboard casino do not accumulate any Princess Points.

When you make your first purchase with your Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card, you will be awarded 5,000 Princess Points. These points will show up on your second billing statement after making the purchase. You can redeem your Princess Points in exchange for loads of cool stuff including cruise line tickets, airline tickets, spa treatments, entertainment and even wine while on board a Princess cruise ship. Unless your card is canceled or you close your account, your Princess Points will remain valid for 5 years. There are no caps on how many points you may earn.

During the first 30 days of owning your Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card, you can earn up to an additional 5,000 Princess Points. In this first month, you will earn 1 Princess Point for every dollar you have transferred to your account from another funding source. As stated, the maximum is 5000. Points may be redeemed after a minimum of 2,000 have been earned. You can access the Barclaycard US website and see when your bonus points post to your account. Of course this is available 24/7/365 and you can also call 866-872-6248 to check your balance and initiate other transactions.

Here’s an interesting tidbit I found about the Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card. You can actually buy extra Princess Points if you are short of having enough to get a given reward you desire. Let’s say you only have 1900 points and want or need to redeem the 200 point minimum. You can buy extra points at the rate of $30 per 1000. You can buy as many Princess Points as you care to, as long as they are bought using your Barclays card. And of course, you do not earn any points on the money you spend buying them.

If you want to use your accumulated Princess Points for traveling on an airline instead, then you definitely have options. You can redeem your points for travel on any airline, You’ll get discounted fares because of the value of your Princess Points. You will be able to credit your points toward the purchase of air fare during your normal checkout procedure. The website makes it all as easy as pie. Just make sure to keep ahold of your conformation number when you wish to redeem the points.

APRs and Fees for the Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card

When your application  is reviewed and approved, you will be assigned a purchase APR based on your credit worthiness. It will be either 13.99%, 16.99% or 20.99%. This APR will be variable along with the Prime Rate. Now remember that you will enjoy a 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles. The APR for cash advances is set at 25.24% and the penalty APR is a lower-than-industry-standard 27.24% That is still a shot of pain, but it’s slightly better than the 29.99% penalty APR that the majority of card issuers dictate. There will be a minimum interest charge of $2 any time is interest is charged.

Balance transfers will incur fees of the greater between $10 and 4% of the transaction amount. For cash advances, the fee will be either 5% of the amount or $10, whichever is more. This cash advance fee is set higher than most that I have researched. Foreign transactions with the  Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card will always be a fixed 3% of the transaction amount based on the US dollar. The penalty fees for making a payment late or having a payment returned is $35 per incident.

People who love going on cruises should take a close look at this card. While it is rather unremarkable when compared to other similar rewards credit cards, it does have appeal for those who choose Princess Cruise Lines. The reviews from cardholders are by far positive. They state that customer service reps are friendly and fair, not making them feel like expendable numbers. The Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card is issued and serviced by Barclays Bank of Delaware and has an established reputation to maintain. For all the fine print you want to gander at concerning the full details of this card, please have a look at the Barclaycard U.S. website.

Those who may go on a cruise once every couple years would have no real reason to choose this card over any other travel rewards card. The rewards aren’t anything overwhelmingly special. However, if you are a frequent cruiser – and you are good with Princess Cruise Lines as a carrier, then the  Barclays Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card may be just right for you.

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