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Barclays Credit Cards


As one of the oldest financial institutions in the world, Barclays has a long history of providing banking and financial services such as credit cards, wealth management and investment banking. Founded in 1690, the London bank is now one of the largest in the world – ranked seventh worldwide with total assets numbering well over two trillion dollars. One of the services the financial institution offers are Barclays credit cards, which offer an assortment of benefits such as airline miles, saving for a college education and picking custom card designs.

The selection of Barclays credit cards offers something for everyone – so comparing the rates and benefits to suit spending habits or lifestyle is ideal.

Types of Barclays Credit Cards

Barclays credit cards are highly popular for personal use, as many of the perks and benefits of the cards appeal to consumer interests. Examples of cards offered through Barclays include:

• Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard
• Barclays Gulf Platinum MasterCard
• Barclays Coast to Coast Visa Signature Card with REC Rewards
• Barclays US Airlines Dividend Miles World MasterCard

For those looking to obtain a credit card with special benefits for favorite interests, there are a few Barclays credit cards to choose from, including:

• Barclays NFL Extra Points
• Barclays Barnes and Noble MasterCard
Barclays Priceline Rewards Visa

Consumers who wish to hold either a MasterCard or Visa have plenty of selection, in addition to choosing a card that provides rewards that are important to the cardholder.

Benefits of Barclays Credit Cards

Depending on the credit card selected, there is a range of benefits for cardholders in the form of airline miles, bonus points that can be used on travel rewards, exclusive access to NFL games and season tickets, discounts on books from Barnes and Noble, and cash back. The vast selection of credit cards makes it possible for potential cardholder to find a suitable card for a favorite store, airline or special interest.

In addition to these unique benefits, Barclays credit cards also provide cardholders with fraud protection and banking assistance.

Annual Percentage Rate and Fees

Each of the cards offers different rates and annual fees, so it pays to check them out before signing up for a Barclays credit card. Annual percentage rates for the card range between 14.99% – selected cards down to 13.99% — and 24.99% based on credit worthiness. Introductory rates on balance transfers and purchases are 0% for twelve months.

Most of the Barclays credit cards feature no annual fee, but there are select cards that require one with membership and range between $69 and $89. When it comes to credit cards with an annual fee, it’s important to determine if the additional charge is worth the benefits.

Barclays credit cards have plenty to offer consumers – such as a long history and many of the credit cards work well with special interests or shopping needs. The extensive selection with no annual fees makes it especially worthwhile compared to other Visa or MasterCards with higher interest rates and annual fees.

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