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Best credit cards for bad credit – Secured and Unsecured


Today, it is a lot easier to inadvertently rack up bits of bad credit here and there than it is to build up lots of good credit. It can happen to the best of us. The good news is that, even if you have a less than perfect credit score, great credit cards are still available and can help you quickly bring your credit back into the green-zone.

Here are the best credit cards for bad credit.

Credit One Bank Credit Card

The Credit One Bank credit card is available to those with a fair to poor credit score. It is also one of the only such credit cards which offers a variety of rewards, such as 1% cash back on all gas purchases, which automatically get deposited into your linked account every month, which is more than most credit card companies will do. This rewards credit card will also automatically review and notify you if an opportunity for an increased line of credit becomes available. Since the Credit One Bank Credit Card offers your credit score updates on their website and will send you text and email notifications when a minimum payment is due, this is one of the best credit cards for bad credit.

Total VISA Credit Card

Another one of the best credit cards for bad credit is Total VISA Credit Card, which pre-qualifies those who have lower credit scores. Their minimum monthly payments are pretty low, although there may be a processing fee to open an account. Total VISA also makes your updated credit score readily available to you, which makes it one of the best credit cards for bad credit.


Lastly, if you’ve got more than a few mistakes on your credit score and are looking to quickly build up some good credit, you may have to opt for a secured credit card as opposed to a rewards credit card. This involves dropping a small deposit as your first line of credit.

For more on secured credit card, please read our article about the best secured credit cards available to those with bad credit.

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