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Blue from American Express – Can Blue put more Green in your Wallet?


Being an American Express member is like having an exclusive membership to a club that provides you with the industry’s best perks. Being an American Express card holder is all about the rewards experience and Blue from American Express is certainly no different. Blue from American Express gives consumers 10,000 points just for signing up. Blue is different than many other cards offered by American Express because this card does not have an annual fee. Blue from American Express is an attractive offer for anyone looking to start their first credit line with American Express.

Blue from American Express vs. the Competition

When you compare Blue from American Express to many of the other rewards cards on the market, you can understand why so many people are eager to switch to the American Express card. American Express customers are a loyal cache of clientele and these clients are known for their brand loyalty. What are some key bullet points for this card?

  • 0% Introductory APR rate for 15 months – This introductory rate applies to both balance transfers and new purchases made with this card.
  • Low Variable Post-Intro Rate – Between 15.24% and 20.94% depending on your credit.
  • 10,000 Bonus Points for Signing Up – Just use this card to make $1,000 in purchases within the first 3 months and the 10,000 reward points will be added onto your rewards balance.
  • Use Points to Book Even the Most Exotic Travel Destinations – You can use the points awarded to you using this rewards card to go to most amazing places on earth.
  • No Annual Fee – This Blue from American Express is different and unique in the sense that you will not have to pay an annual fee to hold this card.
  • No Expiration Date of Rewards Points – When you accumulate rewards points, you should not have to give them up simply because you didn’t use them. They’re your points and you should be able to use them when you want to; even if you decide to stock pile your points for several years!

Blue from American Express gives you the added benefits associated with being an AMEX member. No matter when you need help, you are able simply pick up the phone and have a real live customer service agent who can assist you in without having to get a manager involved. American Express has been rated highly by customer service industry advocates.

What are some of the Advanced Perks of the Blue from American Express Card?

Emergency Roadside Assistance Services: Being a part of the AMEX family means that you will always have an extra layer of protection over you regardless of where you go. If your car breaks down, AMEX will ensure that you will be able to get your car towed to a shop so that you can get it fixed. The service also covers flat tires, battery jumps and more.

Around the Clock Concierge Service: The AMEX Global Assist hotline is open 24/7/365 and this full service information portal is designed to help you find the services you need when you travel outside of a 100 miles radius from your home. This service is designed to help you with your travel plans, figure out difficult to find information or how to get professional services rendered in foreign city where you are unfamiliar with the native language.

Automobile Rental Insurance: Have you ever had to pay for additional coverage on a rental vehicle? This can be quite expensive if you do not already have a policy that covers this. Did you know your vehicle can be covered fully by AMEX’s built-in insurance policy? As long as you book the rental using your Blue from American Expressd, you will be able to waive the insurance policy offered to you by the rental car company.

AMEX Protects Your Purchases: Unfortunate incidents such as theft or accidental damage can occur to new items purchased using this card. Since new purchases sometimes do not have the quality we would like them to have, American Express has given you the Purchase Protection program which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will get reimbursed if your new item that was purchased using your AMEX Blue card it subsequently becomes a victim of Murphy’s Law.

AMEX Does the Right Thing: Sometimes the customer isn’t always right and this new school management philosophy doesn’t always jive with the ethical or more popular decision that needs to be made. There have been several isolated incidents where a large chain store would not take back an expensive item that became defective soon after purchase. American Express will step up to the plate and do the right thing and refund your purchase even if the store will not do it. There is a claims process but once verified and complete; your Blue from American Express will be credited back with the purchase price. These protection limits are good up to $300 per transaction and up to $1,000 total per year.

Sizing up this Reward Card

Earning and redeeming points is the best part of this card. The overwhelming benefits of being an American Express member can seem like a reward in itself. When you begin using this card, please keep in mind that you have 90 days from the day you activate this card to spend $1,000. Once you’ve spent $1,000, you will receive a nice boost of 10,000 points to start out your rewards account. These points can be converted to domestic or international flights, car rentals or hotel rooms.

If you enjoy traveling for leisure, this Blue from American Express coupled with the exclusive membership perks of being associated with AMEX could be the ideal financial instrument for you. Implementing a strategy that charges all of your monthly bills onto the Blue card while paying off the balance before the due date will certainly help you rack up a surprising amount of rewards points. In addition to travel, points can be spent at over 500 retailers located all throughout the world.

As we’ve stressed, the best thing about the Blue from American Express card is the no annual fee. This is a big selling point for this card because search engine results show that this AMEX card was once asking members to pay a $79 fee for annual membership. Being a member of American Express is like being in an exclusive club with VIP perks where ever you go. American Express is also leading the way for personal credit card analytics. These stats give AMEX customers granular breakdowns of where their money is going through out the entire year. If Blue by American Express sounds likes the right rewards card for you, AMEX will give you a decision within 60 seconds of you submitting your application for credit.

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