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Blue Sky from American Express Review – Rewards Members Well?


If you have to travel often for business, or for any other purpose, Blue Sky from American Express might just be the right travel credit card for you. There are a lot of great features with Blue Sky that make airline travel a little easier and more rewarding. It is designed for the frequent traveler but American Express has included features that will appeal to a wide range of consumers. If you should choose this card as your main financial travel companion then you will get the benefit of rewards that extend beyond the air miles of an airline loyalty card.

In fact, it is the manner in which the rewards are combined with the flexibility of a travel card, independent of any one airline, that make it so attractive. The travel credit card market is a competitive space. Many card providers try to give a good deal to their membership but the Blue Sky from American Express card seems to have more going for it than most.

Features at A Glance

  • 7,500 bonus points when you make $1,000 or more in purchases in the first three months
  • Use it for travel or other purchases and earn rewards
  • Carry a balance up to your limit
  • Zero interest offer on balance transfers and purchases for the first fifteen months of membership
  • No annual fee

What Gives Blue Sky from American Express Its Wings?

Points to Consider

First, a look at the sort of shortcomings there might be for this card but there really aren’t many to speak of. The biggest potential problem is more of an obstacle to entry than a real problem for the membership. It may not be easy to get approval, even with a good credit score. Reviews on CreditKarma.com show that Blue Sky from American Express is popular with card members. The less enthusiastic reviews seem to generally be related to rejection and delays in the approval process. The impression given is that it is an excellent card but a little tougher to acquire than average because of it.

As a Blue Sky from American Express Cardmember you are able to carry a balance up to your limit at your given APR. The introductory period of 0% APR applies for the first fifteen months on purchases and balance transfers. After that the regular APR applies. Another thing that factors nicely into the value of this card to the traveling member is that there’s no annual fee.

Worth the Points

The reward points are structured to encourage use. You get a large chunk, 7,500 points to be exact, if you spend $1,000 on purchases in the first three months of membership. A generous amount, worth $100 toward travel and hotel stays. The process for redeeming those points is simple enough; you claim them against purchases of future tickets and reservations.

Blue Sky from American Express Rewards points can also be redeemed for a credit on your account and merchandise purchases. This makes the card relevant to members that travel less frequently. However, there are other variations on the American Express Card that might be better optimized for those members.

First Class Card Features


The travel benefits cover many of the issues you would need to insure against when traveling. Because it isn’t tied to any one airline’s network you have the flexibility to travel with the airline that you prefer, unlike loyalty cards that are tied directly to one airline.

There are also the benefits long associated with American Express, such as travel accident insurance and damage and loss insurance on car rentals booked on the card. Further, you get roadside assistance and 24/7 Global Assist, which apply when you’re traveling more than 100 miles from home.


Special offers and exclusives for Blue Sky from American Express card members including Broadway shows and events across the country; having access to exclusive offers such as concerts, tickets to sporting events and shows gives the card the extra prestige of a status symbol.


Travel and entertainment are natural partners for a rewards card but of course how could you not include rewards for shopping? Shopping rewards are not an after-thought to this card, more a different dimension. Extended warranties, purchase protection, return protection and dispute resolution services help to reinforce the card’s aura of prestige.

The Word From The Reviews

The reviews of Blue Sky from American Express on Creditkarma.com are roughly divided into those that use this card as members and those that were rejected by it. But the balance of opinion is strongly tilted in favor of positive reviews by current members. This tends to confirm that they are quite selective in whom they accept.

Reviews on the American Express Website page for the Blue Sky Rewards Card emphasize the benefits to members who travel extensively. There is a prominently displayed negative review that focuses on the fees charged for currency conversion. The reviewer notes that this combines with the high merchant fees that American Express charges to the seller. These high fees are one of the core reasons that the American Express card network isn’t as widely and enthusiastically accepted as Visa and MasterCard. Even so, when traveling, it will be accepted widely enough to make it a resource you can count on.

As this card isn’t tied to a particular airline network it has an advantage over the airline controlled air miles cards. In a word, that advantage is the flexibility that makes it an asset to a busy and hassled traveler. The independence of the card along with its resources for travelers contrasts well against loyalty cards offered by airlines and their travel networks.

Adding Up The Points

Blue Sky from American Express is a strong contender as a versatile and flexible travel credit card. Although fewer merchants than a Visa or MasterCard might take it, it’s features and promotional initial balance transfer offer are a very enticing package.

This is the only card you will need for travel because it rewards and enables the traveler, regardless of airline choice. It provides the insurance features that have been the hallmark of American Express for decades. Combining these with the fifteen-month zero interest offer from Blue Sky from American Express and you have a rewards card that is very hard to beat.

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