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GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard | Charge Up Your Eagle Spirit!


The GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard is loaded up with Eagle spirit – and various other impressive benefits and features. Underneath the fancy maroon/gold card design, it’s still a Platinum MasterCard, one of the most accepted and generous cards available. Sure, it’s no Centurion from AmEx, but it still has a lot to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the stand-out perks:

With Purchase Protection services, in many cases, items you have purchased within the past 90 days will be covered if they are damaged or stolen. Almost all purchases are covered from theft for 90 days. This coverage is secondary, meaning if you have another primary insurance coverage type for specified items (like your homeowner’s insurance policy, or renter’s insurance), then that coverage would be exhausted before MasterCard jumps in to help out. In order to qualify for coverage, the items must have been fully purchased using the GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard. There is a $1000 limit per incident. You may claim as much as $50,000 per year for each cardholder. While this might seem very generous, you should take a close look at exactly what is not covered in the fine print.

Another interesting feature of the GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard is the Extended Warranty insurance program. You don’t have to worry about registering; it’s passively and automatically included. What it does is to extend the warranty coverage on eligible items. In fact, it doubles the standard warranty on US-manufactured products. There is a maximum of one year extended warranty coverage. So, if your standard warranty is good for 9 months, then you’re covered for 18. If the standard warranty is good for 12 months, then you’re good for 24. Pretty cool.

Other stand-out features of the GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard

If you rent a car for fifteen days or less, then MasterRental® Insurance can be an intelligent and very helpful benefit. It’s insurance coverage that you have to follow a few steps to have initiated. When you rent a vehicle, you must pay for it in full using your GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard. But that’s not all. You also have to:

  1.     Decline the insurance coverage (Collision/Damage Waiver) that is offered by the car rental agency.
  2.     Write the last 4 numbers of your Boston College MasterCard beside your signature on the automobile rental contract.
  3.     The rental contract must be in the cardholder’s name. No coverage will be in effect if you pay for someone else to rent the car.
  4.     Coverage is for up to $50,000 for every incident. The cardholder must be driving, or another driver who is considered to be legally responsible as a secondary driver.
    1.     This coverage is secondary and will only kick in after your primary insurance coverage policies (if any) are exhausted.
    2.     Pay attention to the rather long list of excluded vehicle types before selecting your rental.

Another fine feature of the GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard is Master RoadAssist® Service. From anywhere in the U.S., you can call 1-800-MC-ASSIST if you need emergency roadside assistance. Services provided, free of charge, include gasoline delivery, flat tire repair or replacement, jump starting and towing. This benefit is one of my faves because it gives me a lot of extra security when I am on the road. And for parents who gift their college kids one of these cards, the peace of mind that comes with emergency roadside assistance services is very appreciated.

You can also enjoy MasterTrip® Travel Assistance services, for free, as part of your GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard benefits package. This helpful service assists travelers in planning their adventures. You can get information about necessary travel documents, exchange rates for currency, import and export regulations and a lot more. There is tracking assistance offered for lost luggage. MasterCard will even accommodate emergency money transfers from relatives and friends, free of charge.

You will also have access to an entire global network of hospitals, physicians, dentists and pharmacies with MasterCard’s Travel Services Medical Assistance. If you are in an accident while abroad, your stateside doctors can be contacted and allowed to help monitor and consult about your condition. And in the event of your death, MasterCard will help arrange travel back home for your body and any companions who were traveling with you.

Finally, your GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard comes stock with MasterCard Global Service®. This handy service provides 24/7/365 assistance for emergencies like having your card stolen or losing it; needing an emergency advance of cash or even having a new card expedited to you, wherever you may be. For complete information on all benefits and features, please feel free to surf to MasterCard’s website.

The GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard is a co-branded card that delivers the best of what MasterCard has to offer students and their parents. With no annual fees and a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers, the card is definitely satisfying for starving students. After the intro period, the purchase and transfer APRs will go up to somewhere between 19.99% and 23.99%. Also, the cash advance APR is 26.99%. If you don’t know it, these APRs are rather high. However, you can get approved for the GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard with average credit worthiness, and that makes the APRs make sense (at least in this saturated credit market).

Overall, this card makes students happy, parents more secure and campus bars thrive. It’s a well-established and trusted card that comes with a lot of practical and intelligent benefits. The high APRs are somewhat justified by the fact that you don’t need a 700 rating to get approved. The GE Capital Retail Bank Boston College Platinum MasterCard works well as a tool that every college student can use every day, everywhere they go.

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