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Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card | Your Reward For Being Studious?


With the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card, you get a 50% bonus, every month, on every point you’ve earned through your purchases. You get a stock 1 point per 1 dollar spent with the card; then, you get that multiplied by 0.5. So, in essence, you get 1 and ½ points per dollar spent. Why don’t they just say that? Oh well, anyway. You will also be credited with $50 cash back when you make your first purchase with the card. That’s nice. There are no earning caps, and you get an entire 5 years to redeem the points. Now if you haven’t redeemed your points in five years, you probably never would anyway. If you do redeem them, you have options between cash back, travel, merchandise and gift certificates.

The Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card is a Visa Signature card, and that means it comes loaded with features and benefits. There’s a 6-month introductory 0% APR for purchases and transfers of balances. Subsequently, the APR for those will be set somewhere between 9.99% and 20.99%. You’ll always have a minimum of 24 days after a billing cycle closes to make your monthly payment. Right away, I can tell you that these APRs are lower than the vast majority of cards available today. And that means that this card is going to require some seriously excellent credit history in order to get approved.

Other APRs and Fees of the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card

  • Cash Advance APR = 23.99%
  • Minimum Interest Charge = $2
  • $50 Annual Membership Fee

Balance transfers with the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card cost the greater of $5 and 3% of the transaction amount. The same fee rates apply to convenience check cash advances. If you take a cash advance at an ATM, the fee will then be the greater between 4% and $10. Finally, cash equivalent advances cost the greater of $20 and 4% of the advanced amount. Benefits like these can present powerful enticements to parents of college students: they tend to make loads of purchases on regular bases. Overdraft Protection is available for a $10 fee. And foreign transactions cost 2% for transactions initiated in US dollars and 3% for those initiated with foreign currencies. If you make a tardy payment, or if you have a payment returned, the fee will be $35. Get all the details from the mouth of the horse by calling 800-908-BANK (2265).

Visa Signature Benefits of the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card

The Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card comes loaded up with plenty of Visa Signature benefits. These benefits are automatic and always in effect. When you use your card to purchase services and goods, Visa and Bremer go the distance to keep you protected and happy. Here are a few of the more notable benefits you’ll get:

Extended Warranty Protection keeps you covered longer when you make purchases that come with standard US-issued warranties. This benefit doubles the warranty coverage, up to a maximum of 12 months. For instance, if you purchase an item with a 9-month warranty, then you’re automatically covered an additional 9 months, making a total of 18 months. If on the other hand, the warranty you get is for 24 months, then you’re extra coverage will top out at 36 months (the original 24 months plus an additional 12 months from the card).

Save up to $20 daily on renting cars with the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card. The Auto Collision Damage Waiver benefit provides insurance for theft, damage and loss of rental vehicles when the card is used to rent them. You simply decline the rental agency’s insurance offering and pay with the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card. That’s it. You’re covered. Businesses that rent vehicles often find this feature to be indispensable.

The Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card also comes with a suite of Travel Assistance benefits. When you are traveling, this benefit is in place to assist you with replacing lost tickets. Also, you can get foreign referrals for legal or medical assistance. If you are injured and must receive care in a foreign location, then this benefit works to accommodate communications between your home-based health care providers and the professionals that are taking care of you wherever you are. Trust me, when you’re injured in a foreign land, it can play on your mind. This benefit, if ever unfortunately needed, can instill a lot of needed comfort.

The Zero Fraud Liability benefit acts to give you comprehensive protection in the event that your card is lost, or stolen, and then used to make unauthorized transactions. You need to inform Visa about the loss or theft as soon as it comes to your knowledge. You will not be held liable for any charges made without your consent. Even if the fraud makes it a point to max your card out before you notice it’s gone, you incur no losses.

And of course there’s more too. In fact, the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card has no issues with being light in the passive benefits department. To get a full list of benefits and other details about this card, please visit the Bremer website dedicated to this card.

You can conveniently apply online for the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card. It’s a short and sweet process and let’s you know quickly whether or not you’re approved. There’s a lot to like about this card – if you have the necessary credit merit to obtain one. The APRs are lower than most other cards I have ever reviewed. And the fees and APRs are lower than average too. Visa Signature credit cards are known for excellent customer care standards too – and that’s is definitely a main consideration when card shopping. Overall, the Bremer Bank College Rewards Visa Card can make a powerful asset to your business’s financial toolbox.



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