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Bremer Bank


Bremer Bank is a small financial institution offering Bremer Bank credit cards for personal and business use. The bank has locations in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. One unique feature of Bremer Bank is that the employees own the company in conjunction with the Otto Bremer Foundation. Though limited in size, Bremer Bank provides a substantial selection of personal and business credit cards for any use.

Bremer Bank credit cards all belong to the Visa brand, which provides cardholders with the flexibility and history of Visa, while offering the intimacy of a small hometown bank. Customers are especially drawn to the Bremer Bank credit cards for the ease with credit limits, ample rewards and no annual fees – which all add up to easy, convenient use when it comes to using a credit card.

Types of Bremer Bank Credit Cards

Bremer Bank offers options for personal and business use and provides an ample selection depending on spending habits and lifestyle. Personal Bremer Bank credit cards include:

• Visa Platinum Card
• Visa College Rewards
• Visa Bonus Rewards
• Visa Bonus Rewards PLUS
• Secured Visa

Businesses can also benefit from using Bremer Bank credit cards and have the options of cards such as:

• Visa Business Bonus Rewards
• Visa Business Bonus Rewards PLUS
• Visa Business Platinum

Each of these cards provides cardholders with competitive interest rates, consumer protection and banking assistance.

Benefits of Bremer Bank Credit Cards

Depending on the type of credit card selected, there are a handful of benefits provided through Bremer Bank credit cards. A selection of the cards offer cardholders rewards and bonuses for purchases, which can then be redeemed for cash deposits into a savings or checking account, or applied toward the balance of the credit card statement.

Business credit cards offer similar a similar reward system, but allow points to be redeemed toward gift cards, travel, merchandise or cash back. The business cards provided through Bremer Bank include expense management tools, complimentary employee cards with individual set credit limits and authority, as well as online reporting.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

For a majority of the Bremer Bank credit cards, there is a 0% introductory rate for the first six billing cycles. After the initial six cycles, the annual percentage rate goes up on balance transfers and purchase transactions to 9.99-20.99% depending on credit worthiness. Consumers interested in rebuilding credit or looking for a no-strings-attached type card will be interested in the Secured Visa, which looks and acts like a credit card, but is linked to a savings account. Therefore, there is no designated annual percentage rate attached to the account. The same APR is also associated with the business cards.

Annual fees vary from card to card – anywhere from $35 to 50 dollars for some cards, though most of the Bremer Bank credit cards have no annual charge.

Customers located in the region serviced by Bremer Bank will appreciate the vast selection of Visa cards for personal and business use – the Bremer Bank credit cards feature low interest rates and fairly low annual fees compared to other Visa accounts with larger financial institutions.

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