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GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card | Save Cash and Look Stylish


A sure fire way to enhance your shopping experience at Brooks Brothers is to obtain the GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card. This MasterCard will put you on a positive path which will enable you to earn valuable rewards. Since your family will be saving money both inside Brooks Brothers’ department stores as well as their online store, the rewards you earn can be used in conjunction with a variety of different strategies. If you are seriously considering applying for this card, you probably understand that making the best impressions in life is important. Making solid financial decisions is even more important. Why not take the guesswork out of shopping and enjoy the benefits of the GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card? Once you sign up, you will be presented with some of the most prestigious benefits when compared to other rewards cards from department stores and online catalog retailers.

What perks are associated with the GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card?

When you begin using the GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card, you be entitled to a plethora of rewards. During the first 30 days of holding this card, you will be graciously given 15% off any item in at Brooks Brothers’ store. Is there a big ticket item that you have been eying? Perhaps you would like to go shopping for people in your family? Since you get 15% off anything in the store within the first 30 days of you activating this card, you can continue to shop at Brooks Brothers more than once. Many outlets only allow you get your initial discount for one day or on one purchase.  Obtaining this MasterCard is a good way to further extend your good credit while supplementing your lifestyle with the finest name brand clothes and home goods.

The Brooks Brothers Rewards Points Program

The GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card allows you to earn 4 points for every $1 you have spent in the store with your new MasterCard. These points can be converted to store credit which will give you discounts on your favorite apparel and home styles. This rewards card also gives you the ability to earn 1 point for every dollar spent outside the Brooks Brothers stores. If you shop at Brooks Brothers, you probably enjoy being pampered with the finer things in life. The GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card rewards you by giving you a complimentary $20 Brooks Brothers reward on your birthday. Just for being a cardholder, you will also receive an additional $20 reward that can be used outside of Brooks Brothers. Since Brooks Brothers sells so much of their merchandise online or through their catalog, you may run into circumstances where it makes sense to return your order. If you have ever had to do an RMA on an online order from a retailer, you know that the process isn’t always the easiest. This card simplifies the process. Perhaps the clothes you’ve ordered didn’t quite fit. The GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card lets you return your goods for free. That’s right; Brooks Brothers will pay the return shipping costs on any item you ordered using this rewards based credit card. The customer is enabled to shop with confidence knowing that any potential issues that arise will be dealt with in a professional and reasonable manner. The GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card takes all of the guesswork out of your online and catalog purchases.

Fees and Terms

When you apply for this offer, you will be accepted based on one of three credit tiers. These tiers determine how much your annual percentage rate will be. Tier 1 acceptance means that you enjoy a 14.24% APR. Tier 2 acceptance means that you enjoy a 17.24% APR. Tier 3 acceptance means that you enjoy a 21.24% APR. Your credit history determines your tier eligibility. The same APR structure exists for balance transfers with the same APRs coordinating with your acceptance level. You will be able to get cash advances from this card at an APR between 23.24% and 24.24%. The terms surrounding the GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card allow you to pay on this card without incurring interest charges simply by paying off your balance within 23 days of the last statement. There is no annual fee for holding this card. There is a balance transfer fee associated with this offer. You will incur a fee of $5 or 3% of the balance transfer amount, whichever amount is greater. As a responsible cardholder, you should never be late on your payments. If you are late with this card, you will be charged the standard $35 late fee.

Best Practices and Strategies Involved with this Rewards Card

Since you are familiar with all of the benefits and terms surrounding the GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card, you probably understand one thing about this offer. Timing is everything. If you can time your purchases just right, you can reap the rewards associated with this offer in a perfect succession which will only benefit your family’s bottom line. When you combine the fact that you are rewarded for shopping at Brooks Brothers, in conjunction with the initial 15% discount for 30 days, you quickly understand that this offer is one of the best clothing rewards credit cards in this sector today. Looking stylish and feeling classy never felt so rewarding. That’s what makes this rewards card such an attractive offer. Brooks Brothers is one of the most respected retailers in the world and this card only gives you more access to some of the most exquisite goods in the marketplace. As if you needed additional reasons for obtaining this line of credit, Brooks Brothers will also invite you to quarterly sales that are only available to card holders. These special events will give you preferred pricing on many of the name brands you love to wear. Having apparel from Brooks Brothers is a status symbol of sorts. Live your life and look your best by applying for this offer today.  When you apply for the GE Capital Brooks Brothers Credit Card, you can receive your decision in as little as 60 seconds.

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