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Business owners inevitably need a line of credit for everyday spending and travel – which is why countless financial institutions provide a range of business rewards credit cards. Virtually every major bank has a selection of Visa, MasterCard and more to offer rewards and benefits. Don’t miss out on exclusive benefits and generous rewards when it comes to choosing business rewards credit cards into a company of any size.

There are an endless number of benefits offered with business rewards credit cards – the flexibility alone makes it worthwhile to have in any business. Set spending limits, multiple cardholders and competitive interest rates make these cards most appealing to companies of all industries and sizes.

Types of Business Rewards Credit Cards

There are business rewards credit cards everywhere, so comparing options and rewards is what sets many apart from other cards. Businesses need a line of credit for various reasons, including purchasing goods, traveling, business expenses and so much more. Selecting a card should be done based on spending habits and the way the business will best benefit from a line of credit. Business rewards credit cards include:

Chase GM Business MasterCard Chase GM Business MasterCard
• Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card
• Business Centurion Card from American Express OPEN
Discover Business Card
Capital One Spark Classic for Business
• American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card

Selecting the right business rewards credit card for the business can serve as a vital financial tool whether it’s used for obtaining a discount on flights or hotel accommodations or earning rewards with purchasing goods for the office.

Benefits of Business Rewards Credit Cards

Spending money with a business is a given, so why not reap some of the perks and rewards from purchase transactions? The assortment of business rewards credit cards makes it easy for small businesses to get the supplies they need or travel arrangements, in addition to larger businesses having multiple accounts open for daily needs and travel.

Benefits found with any number of the business rewards credit cards include air miles with purchases, sign-on bonuses, cash back opportunities, card protection, emergency and travel assistance, fraud alert, complimentary business summaries and discounts when using the card on select retailers.

Annual Percentage Rate and Fees

Depending on the card selected, there are various annual percentage rates to be aware of, in addition to annual fees. For example, the Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card features an introductory rate of 0% on purchases or balance transfers within the first six billing cycles after sign-up before it increases to a standard 13.24% APR. Interest rates vary between 12.99% and 19.24% on average, depending on credit worthiness.

Annual fees also depend on the card – choosing an prestigious card through American Express can range up to $2,500, while other cards, such as through Citibank or Discover Card don’t all require annual fees.

Before selecting business rewards credit cards, it’s important to evaluate how it will best be used – annual fees or perks should help narrow down the selection.

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