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Can you earn credit card rewards while using Apple Pay?


Do you have a hefty wallet full of all sorts of things – cash, credit cards, business cards, receipts and who-knows-what? If you own an Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad then you’re in luck. You no longer have to carry around a huge wallet or waste time looking for it at the check-out line in stores.

Gone are the days of swiping plastic cards, payments happen with a touch now.

This article explains what Apple Pay is and how you can use it to earn credit card rewards. We’ll also look at how you can use Apple Pay as a secure mode of payment. Finally, we’ll go over the pros and cons of using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay lets you make payments using your Apple Watch, iPad or iPhone in an easy, safe and private way. Since no one leaves the house without their iPhone (or Apple Watch), it’s more convenient than carrying around a big wallet in more ways than one.

How to Use Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay is simple. All you have to do is load your payment and store your credit cards into the Passbook app by taking a picture of your credit card and uploading it to the app. Now that you’ve configured your credit cards into your Apple device, you can make payments with it.

When you’re at the payment terminal, hold your device close to it and make payments by tapping the screen once. This one-touch has two purposes – it authorizes the card you chose to pay with and verifies your identity through Touch ID.

Earn Rewards with Apple Pay

Since your credit card integrates with Apple Pay earning rewards is the same as it was before. The only difference is in the mode of payment. Instead of swiping your credit card at the payment terminal you’re simply tapping the screen.

The terms and conditions on your credit card remain the same. You will still have to spend a certain amount of money to earn rewards. However, Apple Pay opens up another marketplace for you to buy from – the App Store. If you spend a lot on iOS apps then you can charge them to your credit card. Earn points every time you touch the screen!

Other Incentives – Privacy and Security

One of the biggest incentives of Apple Pay is that you can keep your purchases private. Apple doesn’t automatically back-up your transactions data. Another major plus point is that since you’re paying with your Apple device, you never have to pull your credit card out. This basically means that you don’t have to disclose your name, security number or credit card number to the cashier.

Pros and Cons of Apple Pay


  • Simpler mode of payment
  • Greater privacy
  • Security
  • Better experience


  • NFC terminals aren’t everywhere
  • No online shopping support

If you have an Apple device (Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad) and your favorite retailer has NFC support then you’re good to go. Happy shopping!

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