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Carrying Balance? Check Out These Best Rewards Credit Cards


What Are Best Rewards Credit Cards If You Are Carrying Balance?

If you are carrying balance, selecting your next credit card judiciously can save you money and bring you attractive rewards. If you want to get out of a risky debt, you may like to switch to one of the credit cards mentioned below. People carrying balance on their cards shall also read this.

So, how will you treat the debt on your credit card with another credit card and earn reward in the process? When you are carrying balance on your current credit cards, and you transfer it to one of the cards listed below, you earn reward by qualifying for a yearlong zero interest and much more. It is very straightforward; why should you pay interest at 7-10 percent when you have the choice to pay nothing for at least a year.

So, here are the best rewards credit cards for you if you are carrying balance.

1.Chase Slate®: This rewards credit card is best for you if you are carrying balance that is quite higher. You can transfer your balance free of cost within the initial two months. The good news is that this card will charge you nothing in annual fees. Yes, it’s free. Chase Slate is a great option for you if you are carrying balance on your existing card and want to refinance your credit card debt.

2. Discover it®: This is yet another great credit card for you if you are carrying balance. With Discover it, you get to enjoy double cash back in your first year and if you are already in debt on your credit card, switching to Discover it can bring you rewards that will perfectly cater to your needs. Repaying your balance for the first years is at your discretion; you can pay it whenever you deem it fit. This credit card comes with zero percent APR on balance transfers and shopping for the initial fourteen months. Afterwards, 11-23 percent APR may apply in addition to a fee of three percent for every balance you transfer.

3. Chase Freedom®: If you are carrying balance and looking for long-term balance transfer card that can also offer you attractive rewards, the Chase Freedom is for you. You can earn 1-5 percent cash back on your shopping and convert points for statement credits. Additionally, you can redeem your Ultimate Reward points for other valuables like goodies, travel and gifts. You can even take home a bonus of $25 upon addition of your first accredited user and doing a shopping in 3 months. APR is zero percent for the first fifteen months on shopping and balance transfer with Chase Freedom.

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