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Chadwick’s credit card: for the chadwick store lover?



Chadwick, the popular clothing brand is trying to reach more customers, through its own credit card. The Chadwick’s Credit Card is like any other store card, offering exclusive benefits and perks to its cardholders, for economical shopping. Let us first see the features of this card, and then identify the positive and negative points of it.

Benefits of the Chadwick’s Credit Card

  • Earn 5 reward points per dollar
  • Earn bonus reward points round the year
  • With every 1,000 reward points, you get a Chadwicks rewards certificate worth $10
  • Get VIP service by contacting the toll-free number
  • Priority ordering at anytime
  • Paperless bills
  • No finance charges, if balance is paid in full
  • No interest rate, when entire account balance is paid in full
  • APR: 24.99% (v)


The Chadwick’s Credit Card makes you earn 5 reward points with every dollar that you spend on Chadwick.com or metrostyle.com. You can earn additional bonus points throughout the year, when you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Moreover, with every 1000 points that you earn, you will receive a $10 Chadwick rewards certificate. However, the reward points will expire after 12 months, so try to earn the specific number of points within a year.


Cardholders of the Chadwick’s Credit Card can avail the VIP customer care service through the toll free phone number. You can call their customer care center at anytime. The card members get priority over other customers, as they can order 24 hours a day. Paperless billing system will let you keep a record of your online payments, without any hassle.


There are no financial charges on the Chadwick’s Credit Card, if you do not have any outstanding credit balances. Furthermore, there are no interest charges, if you pay the account balance in full prior to a billing cycle ends. On the other hand, if you do not pay the entire balance, you will be charged with 24.99% APR. The interest rate is variable depending on the prime charges and the creditworthiness of the cardholder. The bank will charge atleast $1 as minimum monthly charges. The maximum late fee on the card is $35, with a grace period of 25 days.


Bottom line

The Chadwick’s Credit Card is suitable for people who shop regularly at the Chadwick’s store. If you are not a regular customer of this clothing brand, then you should think twice before opting for their card. Calculate how much you spend at the store in a year, and then accordingly decide whether you can earn the sufficient number of reward points or not. Further, there is no online account handling feature, which can make it difficult for you to track your transactions.

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