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Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card Review – Shopping Made Easy?


Amazon.com has become one the best destinations on the Internet when you want the convenience of purchasing items and having them shipped directly to your door. Whether you’re looking for a specific used book or a new bedroom set, the website has it all and it’s the thing everyone loves about having goods at your fingertips. If you make frequent purchases on Amazon.com, signing up for the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card is a good idea – and it can help you get money back for future purchases.

There are many benefits to owning the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card that make it a little better of an option than other credit cards out there. If you decide you want to apply for a credit card before making any of your purchases on Amazon, the instant credit feature of the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card will allow you to begin using the card the same day, if you are approved for credit. For some shoppers this is a really important feature – if you plan on getting all of your shopping done in a day, having the credit card approved and ready to use in the same purchase is ideal.

As if the instant credit was not a good enough feature, a $30 Amazon.com gift card will be applied to your personal Amazon account instantly when the application for credit is approved. This is another reason why having the ability to apply and use the card in the same day is important, not to mention you now have a $30 gift card to apply to your purchases. The credit card, which is issued through Chase Bank, is a great credit option if you want to use it for specific purchases through the website, but also works well for your other needs, too.

Earning Points

The Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card is like many other credit cards, so what’s the big deal about using this one? Well, as I mentioned before, if you do a lot of your shopping on Amazon.com, this card rewards purchases through the website in the form of points. Here’s how the card offers points based on purchases:

  • 3x points – Amazon.com purchases
  • 2x points – Purchases at drugstores, gas stations and restaurants
  • 1x point – Purchases everywhere else

The higher reward through Amazon purchases makes it easy to accumulate points and then redeem them on your purchases. For every 100 points redeemed from the card, there is $1 you can apply toward the purchase. As you can see 100 points is not that hard to accumulate from Amazon when you are making use of the 3x point feature and if you’re the type of shopper that likes to purchase household items, toiletries and bulk goods for the family, you can see how quickly that savings add up!

Unlike other credit cards that offer rewards in the form of airlines miles or cash back (in some cases) the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card is the kind of card you want to have in your wallet when you are making everyday purchases. The emphasis on bonus points through purchases at the drugstore, gas stations and restaurants is realistic and something most of us do on a weekly – if not daily – basis. Then, for everything else outside of these parameters, you are still earning a point for every purchase.

When you are comparing credit card offers, you need to determine how the card will benefit you! So many times consumers select cards because of the balance limits or perks they think they might use, but the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card is a good one to have because it applies to something useful. Store cards are always risky because they are often limited in options, but the huge marketplace offered through Amazon.com doesn’t stifle your spending choices.

Terms and Conditions of the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card

As always, the terms and conditions are something to consider when comparing credit card offers. One enticing feature of the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card is there is no annual fee to own the card. That in itself is a great feature! Additionally, there are no points expirations or earning caps put on your rewards. If you like to shop all year buying your everyday items and accumulate points to then spend on holiday gifts, this is a real benefit for you. In addition, if you have a big-ticket item you want to purchase through Amazon, having the ability to accumulate points as long as you need to get a significant discount is also worth considering.

The credit card APR ranges from 14.24 to 22.24 percent, depending on the credit score. For some people, the higher interest rate might make minimum payments a bit higher, which is always something to consider when you are applying for a card. As with most credit cards, the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card APR jumps to 29.99 percent as a penalty for late payments, going over the credit limit and any payment returns.

Overall, if you are looking for a credit card and make use of Amazon.com, this credit card is one worth having. The no annual membership fee is a great benefit and the amount of points you can accumulate makes the card worthwhile no matter where you use it. One of my favorite points about the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card is the fact that I can use it primarily for purchases made on Amazon – which in itself has just about everything I need, but I can still use the card everywhere else and still earn points. This offers the added perks of using a store card without the limitations other credit cards put on consumers.

As with any credit card, staying on top of payments to keep the APR as low as possible is important; otherwise, you could be stuck with penalty fees and high payments – two things that begin to reduce the benefits and rewards found with credit card purchases. If you spend a lot of time each month on Amazon, just having the Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card to use will offer a substantial savings over time.

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