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Chase Disney Premier Visa Card | Terms | Benefits | Fees | Review


The Disney Premier Visa Card from Chase offers solid credit card performance from a world leading bank. It comes with most of the industry-standard features that other cards come with, but it adds its own flare with a couple unique attractions. It features an introductory 0% APR (for 6 months). It also features some pretty impressive discounts – that is, as long as you are a rather fanatical Disney fan.

Here’s a nutshell overview of the Chase Disney Premier Visa Card features:

  •     A $200 Disney gift card (conditions and restrictions described below);
  •     2% cash back reward dollars on dining, gas, grocery and Disney purchases;
  •     1% cash back reward dollars on all other purchases;
  •     10% off all Disney purchases of $50 or more;
  •     0% APR for 6 months (subsequently 14.24% variable rate);
  •     Special Disney theme park discounts and privileges;

This is an excellent card for parents of young children, and maybe for those who are just serious Disney lovers. It’s a no-brainer for families that frequent Disney parks and resorts. If you like getting close up to Donald Duck and snapping some photos, then this card’s for you. I’m a bit curious as to how beneficial this Chase Disney Premier Visa Card is for non-Disney-crazy people out there.

So let’s take a closer look at the features that Chase is leading with in their marketing efforts for this Chase Disney Premier Visa Card:

The big feature that Chase seems to be leading with is the $200 Disney gift card. In order to qualify for it, you’re going to have to spend at least $500 (on the new Disney Premiere Visa card) during the first 90 days after opening your account. This bonus is offered one time only to first-time cardholders. If you have an existing Chase Disney Premier Visa Card, or even if you simply used to have one, you are excluded from this deal. If you do qualify for the $200 gift Disney gift card, you’ll have to wait about seven weeks for it to be delivered. Once you receive it, it can only be used at the following preselected locations:

  •     Walt Disney World Resort;
  •     Disneyland Resort;
  •     Disney Cruise Line;
  •     Disney Store locations throughout the United States;
  •     DisneyStore.com;
  •     DisneyPhotoPass.com.;
  •     DisnetMusicOnline.com;
  •     Disney Vacation Club;
  •     Adventures by Disney;

The next big selling point for the Chase Disney Premier Visa Card is the fact that you’re able to earn unlimited reward dollars and then direct them toward the purchase of thousands of products and services – as long as they are Disney products and services. Toys, games, DVD’s, clothing, accessories and costumes can all be obtained with your reward dollars. Further, you can redeem your reward dollars at participating movie theaters and retailers. Finally, cardholders can redeem their reward dollars for the following:

  • Airline travel (see below);
  • Annual dues for the Disney Vacation Club;
  • Seasonal or annual Disney park passes;
  • Hotel stays at Disney parks;

So, how do you earn these reward dollars with your Chase Disney Premier Visa Card? Well, for every dollar you spend on “qualified” purchases, you will earn 1% in reward dollars. For a purchase to be a qualified purchase, it must not be a balance transfer, travelers check charge, money order charge, foreign currency charge, cash advance charge, interests, overdraft advance or fee of the any other kind (including the annual fee for the card itself). You will earn another 1% per dollar spent on qualified purchases from:

  1. Any entity that is solely owned and operated by Disney;
  2. All purchases at restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations;

Chase states that there are additional conditions and terms that apply. However, they say that you will only be provided with this information after you become an approved cardholder. That sounds sort of Goofy to me.

Other benefits associated with the Chase Disney Premier Visa Card:

Disney Character MEET ‘N’ GREET is available, only to cardholders, at Disney World and Disneyland. You and your children get to meet and talk with your favorite Disney characters, and you even get a free 5 x 7-inch photograph as well. Additionally, you’ll be subject to receiving the following discounts at all of Disney’s theme parks:

  • For purchases of selected merchandise totaling at least $50.00, you receive 10% off;
  • 10% of all selected Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort dining locations;
  • 20% off selected Disney World and Disneyland guided tours including:
  • Welcome to Disneyland
  • Discover the MagicCultivating the Magic
  • A Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps

You may also redeem your reward dollars as credit for purchasing airline tickets. You will have to redeem these within 60 days of purchasing the airline travel on your Chase Disney Premier Visa Card. The minimum redemption amount is $50.00. It will take up to seven business days for the airline statement credit points to post to your account.

Overall, this is a solid family credit card, especially for those with children who are still fascinated with those wonderful Disney characters. Just be aware that the majority of the perks and benefits associated with this Chase Disney Premier Visa Card can only be enjoyed when you choose to patronize Disney. If it’s not Disney merchandise, Disney vacations or other Disney products and services you desire, then you’re probably just as well to go with any number of other credit cards

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