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Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card Review – Does it Really Make Fairy Tales Come True?


The Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card, available through Chase Bank, offers a variety of perks, rewards, and limited time offers. The Disney brand has a wonderful and enduring reputation of being a family-friendly institution, but does the same ring true for the Disney Rewards Visa card offered by Chase Bank? When it comes to this credit card with the Disney name attached, it’s important to be aware of the pros… and the cons.

The Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card offer a variety of options when it comes to earning power, vacation rewards, everyday use rewards, perks, and flexibility.  There are some differences between their Disney Rewards card and the Premier card, mainly seen in the ability to design your card and in annual fees and pricing. However, having the option to design your credit card isn’t the only reason you should pick one over the other, regardless of provider.

Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card Benefits

The Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card has no limitations on the amount of reward dollars that can be earned, which is a plus in its favor. When using the card, you can earn 1% in reward dollars on card purchases, although those purchases are subject to credit approval.  Those purchases must be classified as “qualifying” purchases, and according to Chase, don’t include cash advances, balance transfers, money orders, store or gift value cards, foreign currency, travelers checks, or any checks utilized to access your account/s, its/their fees, overdraft advances, or annual fees (if applicable).

The rewards card offered through the Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card program are called “Disney Dream Reward Dollars” – earning you 1% in Disney dream reward dollars on all your card purchases. You earn one Disney dream reward dollar for every $100 spent on purchases.

To put that in perspective, 10 Disney Dream Reward Dollars will get you $10 toward any meal at any Disney theme park, while 89 Disney Dream Reward Dollars will get you a one-day adult theme park ticket for a Walt Disney World Resort or the Magic Kingdom Park. You can earn rewards by using your card at grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and so forth.

Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card Perks

In addition to a number of benefits, the Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card offers a number of perks to cardholders. For example, Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts offer special locations where you can “meet and greet” Disney characters and receive a complimentary photo. You can also save 10% off specific merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resorts, Disney stores, as well as 10% off select dining locations.

You won’t have to deal with blocked-out dates for vacation rewards, and those rewards can be used for any hotel stays, annual or seasoned park passes, and annual dues for the Disney Vacation Club, dining at a Disney restaurant, a spa treatment on a Disney Cruise line, souvenirs, and so forth.

The card comes with a promotional 0% APR for six months anytime that the Disney Rewards Visa card is used to book “a Disney vacation package, A Disney cruise, Adventures by Disney packages, and Aulani, Disney Resort & Spa, Ko Olina, Hawaii vacation packages through the Walt Disney Travel Company, your own travel agent or an online Disney site”.

Redeeming Rewards

The Disney Rewards card does not charge an annual fee. Card members should be aware however, that you must earn a minimum of 20 Disney dream reward dollars to be issued a redemption card. The Chase Disney  website offers easy-to-follow instructions for redeeming Disney rewards “to turn glasses into glass slippers,” but be sure to read the fine print, because if you don’t use up your dream reward dollars before the expiration date of the redemption card, they will be forfeited.

Download the Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card PDF for detailed information regarding rewards, values, and redemption of your card here.

Caveat: Be sure to read the footnotes attaches to all offers, perks, benefits and rewards included in the above PDF to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting – and what you’re not.

Pricing and Fees

The annual percentage rate of the Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card is 14.24%, although the 0% promotion APR for the first six billing cycles will apply for each qualifying Disney vacation package purchase – as long as your account is not past-due. If it is, your APR will charge you the ‘regular’ 14.24%.  The same applies for balance transfers. Card members should be aware that the APR for cash advances is 19.24%, as is overdraft advance APR.

The penalty APR shoots up to 24.24%, and will be applicable if you don’t make a minimum payment by the due date, you exceed your credit limit, you make a payment that is returned unpaid, or if you have the same situation occur on any other loan or account that you have with Chase or their related banks. According to Chase, this increase in APR will remain “indefinitely.”

The Chase Disney Rewards Visa Card does not charge an annual membership fee, but does charge percentages for balance transfers, cash advances, and foreign transactions. When it comes to balance transfers, expect to be charged a minimum of five dollars or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. When it comes to cash advances, you’ll pay $10 or 3% of the amount of each transaction. Foreign transactions approve a 3% fee in US dollars.

Late payment penalty fees charged $15 for balances under $250 and up to $35 if the balance exceeds $250. There is no fee for over-the-credit limits, but the bank charges $29 for returned payments or checks.

Bottom line – Read the fine print when it comes to the benefits, perks, and fees attached to the Chase Disney Rewards Visa card. Know the specifics regarding redemption of your rewards, especially as those Disney Dream Reward Dollars are subject to the terms and conditions of the rewards program. Do the math when it comes to determining how much actual money you have to spend in order to earn one reward dollar – the Disney brand evokes a sense of magic, wonder, comfort, and security, but the same may not be true with the Chase Disney Rewards Visa card. Sometimes, the perks and the rewards won’t make your dreams come true.




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