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Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card – Maximizing Business Rewards?



When small or medium sized businesses are applying for credit cards, they’re usually looking for simplicity. Since business credit cards are extras apart from personal credit cards,checks and cash, managing all of them is obviously a big responsibility. Hence, business owners look for simplicity and ease of use in their business credit cards, value for money and other advantages and the perks, like convenience, keeping a track of spending, low fees, and valuable rewards.One such credit card that is making waves for its convenience and perks such as extra cash back and signing bonuses is the Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card, which acts as valuable assets for small businesses.

The benefits of the Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card

Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card is issued by the commercial banking and investment company Chase, which is commercial banking arm of the JP Morgan Chase Group.This cardis specially madefor sole proprietors and small businesses that are looking for business credit cards with no annual fees and simple rewards.The card is part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program. One of the major pulls of this credit card is its Cash back Bonus policy on new signups and purchases. This card gives the business owners the option to redeem their rewards in the form of cash back, which can be used to offset valuable business expenses.The Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card offers sign-up bonus points to its users. The amount of points range from 20,000 to 50,000, which amount to almost $200 – $625 in cash backs after aminimum purchase is made with the card. 10,000 points are earned after thefirstpurchase and an extra 15,000 points bonus afteryou spend $5,000 within the first 3 months of opening an account.Additionally, customers also get to earn cash back of at least 1% or 1 point per dollar on all and any purchases.

What’s more, users also get bonus points for spending or purchases in certain categories. The Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card endowsusers with double miles for booking air tickets through the travel agency of Chase.The card offers 5X points for practically every dollar spent,with an annual purchase limit of $25,000, on cable TV services, internet services, phone, and office supplies. It also offers 2X points for every dollar spent, upto an annual purchase limit of $25,000, on hotel accommodations and gasoline (when accommodations are purchased straight from the hotel). The regular rate of 1% cash back on these categories applies for the rest of the year after you’ve hit your annual limits for the year. The cherry on top of this cash back offering is that there is noupperlimit on the amount of points or the amount of cash back that one can earn, which essentially means that the more business expenses one puts on his/her card, the more points or cash back he/she will earn, sans any maximum cap.

This card is literally a free way to earn rewards. Since it doesn’t carry an annual fee, the Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card is especially valuable for business owners and proprietorswho are trying to save money through this card. Moreover, they also need not worry about hitting maximum limits on this card solely to justify their accounts, and neither do they have to pay any fee to add new cards to their account. Additionally, business owners can also give these company credit cards to their employees and earn rewards for their own account at no extra charge. Business owners can simply create policies explaining the use of these cards, and keep track of employees’ expenses.Last, but not the least, these points do not expire.

Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card also offers an introductory promotional financing offer that is generous to say the least.  New card members are entitled to receive a 0% interest rate on balance transfers and all purchases for the first 6 months after they open their accounts. Once the initial 6 month period finishes, the standard variable APR rate (13.24%) is applicable on the card.

Additional benefits

The Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card offers a string of additional benefits to business owners such as auto rental insurance, travel accident insurance, roadside dispatch, baggage delay and damage refund. The Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Cardalso provides purchase protection, extended warranty, early warning services for frauds as well as 24 hour real person customer service.The card also gives cardholders access to bid on items on Chase’s elite Ultimate Auctions website, which include items such as vacation packages, sports memorabilia and private golf lessons complete with PGA instructors.  Additionally, card owners can also shop online using Chase’s shopping portal and earn points, rewards and bonuses for retail purchases including those from Pottery Barn, Land’s End and Buy.com. They can even use rewards points for gaining admittance to exclusive and private events, and gain access to VIP seating for fine dining, concerts and sporting.

Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card also offers extra information to its users such as quarterly management reports and free monthly statements. In these reports, the expenses are categorized and itemized so that business owners find it easier to track their business spending and plan accordingly. The card offers zero liability protection to users, which basically means that if there are any unauthorized purchases made with the credit card, then the owners are secure and need not pay for what was purchased outside their discretion. The only minor problem is that the card applies foreign transaction fees, just like all other similar business credit card, and all purchases administered outside the US incur a foreign transaction fee of 3%.

The biggest benefit that the card carries is its versatility, as it gives the power to business owners to choose whether they want cash back or rewards. Details of the card can be found on its website.With extra cash back in common-sense categories and uniting the purchasing powers of MasterCard and Visa into one, the Chase Ink Classic Business Credit Card is one of the better cards available for business owners.

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