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Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card



For most businesses, credit cards have become an important financial lifeline over the years. These cards offer the typical business increased flexibility when it comes to their payments and cash flow as well as enhanced security, ease, and convenience. However, in order to make the most of this important financial resource, businesses need to ensure they choose the right credit card for their needs. With a wide range of credit cards available for business users to select from including the Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card, finding a suitable one shouldn’t be an issue. The variety of cards on the market offer various features and benefits so it is important to look at these in order to make an informed decision with regards to which business credit card is going to be right for your needs.


If you tend to travel a lot as part of your business, one type of credit card that is well worth looking at is the Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card. This is a card that offers all of the flexibility, ease, and convenient you expect from your credit card while also enabling users to clock up valuable rewards that can be redeemed for travel. Depending on how often you use the card, the value of the purchases you make, and the types of purchases you make on the Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card, this could add up to impressive travel rewards that could save you some money on the cost of your travel.


Who is this card designed for?


This is a credit card that caters for business users who want to enjoy the flexibility and freedom of having a credit card and who also travel a lot. The Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card is ideally suited to those who spend large amounts or on a regular basis via the card and who repay the balance in full within the interest free period. Regular use of the card, purchasing certain types of goods or services, or spending large sums on the card by purchasing higher value goods will all help to ensure that points or rewards are accrued quickly. Those who repay the balance on their card in full within the interest free period will be able to benefit from not being charged any interest, which mean that they can make the most of the rewards received without worrying about them being counteracted by the interest they are charged on their outstanding balance.


If you are a business person that does not really tend to use a credit card on a regular basis, having this or any other rewards based card isn’t going to be of any real benefit. This is because you will not earn rewards or points at an adequate rate to benefit, so an alternative card type may be better suited depending on your spending and repayment habits. Also, those who tend to spread the repayments on their credit cards are probably better off looking for something like an interest free card, as any reward or points received on rewards based cards will be outweighed by the amounts of interest being charged on outstanding balances.


The key features of the Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card


In order to determine whether the Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card is the ideal business card for your needs, it is important to familiarize yourself with the key features and benefits of the product. This will enable you to work out whether this card is suited to your business requirements.


Some of the key features and benefits of the Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card include:


Generous amount of bonus points: If you spend $50,000 within the first three months of opening your account you will be rewarded with a generous 50,000 bonus points, which could be worth over $600 in travel rewards through the Chase rewards program.


Enhanced points on certain purchases: When you make certain types of purchases on your credit card up to a specified amount you can earn enhanced points. This includes 5 points per dollar spent on cell phones, office supplies, internet, and phone services. You can also earn 2 points per dollar spent on directly booked hotel accommodation and at gas stations. All other purchases are rewarded at a rate of 1 point per dollar spent.


No limits or deadlines: When you use this credit card you will find that there are no limits to the amount of points you are able to earn as well as being no deadline in terms of expiry of the points.


Transfer of points: You will be able to transfer your points to various frequent travel programs without having to pay any transfer fees. The points are also transferred at full value so you won’t lose out. You can select from a variety of travel programs.


Moneysaving opportunities: When you use your points to book travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, you will be able to benefit from 20 percent discounts, which applies to cruise, airfare, accommodation and car hire booked through the program.


No foreign transaction fees: If you use a credit card outside the United States the foreign transaction fees charged can soon add up. However, with this credit card you will not be charged any such fees so you won’t have to worry about crippling bills and charges.


Fee free for first year: For the first year your credit card will not charge any annual fee as part of an introductory offer. After this, the fee will stand at $95 per year.


Additional employee cards: If you want to provide your employees with increased ease and convenience as well as build up rewards even quicker you can benefit from the additional employees cards available with the Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card.


Free Lounge Club membership: With this credit card you can benefit from a complimentary annual Lounge Club membership with two free visits each year. You can choose from hundreds of VIP lounges around the world.


Other important points


It is important to take other vital factors into consideration. This includes the fact that there will be a $95 annual fee on this card after the first year. The typical APR charged on the card is 15.24 on purchases and balance transfers and 19.24 on overdraft and cash advances.

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