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Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature Card Review – As Good as it Sounds?


If you travel a lot, then the Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature card might just be the card you want in your wallet.  Still, it pays to know and understand the details.  Chase Bank is a well-known entity in the finance world, but do they really promote a good credit card when it comes to Marriott, or is it just another ho-hum card with sneaky fees?

The Marriott hotel brand is known worldwide for offering travelers comfortable stays and good customer service. Their reputation is recognized globally, with hotels found in nearly every region in the world. So, is the Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature Card as good as it sounds?  Time to find out.

Let’s Discuss the Benefits of the Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature Card

The Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature Card offers a variety of benefits and perks to first-time cardholders. We’ll start with the 50,000 bonus points if you spend $1,000 during the first three months of your new account. As with many other credit card offers, the $1,000 must be made on qualifying purchases. Some purchases will not apply toward this amount, including balance transfers, travelers’ checks, money orders, cash advances, traveler check type transactions, or any checks used to apply to interest, overdraft advances, or fees, including the annual fee.

Holders of this credit card can earn five points at Marriott locations with no limitations for point accumulation. In addition, you can earn two points for every dollar you spend on airline tickets, as long as those tickets are purchased directly through the airline of your choice. Two points for every dollar spent are also earned at car rental agencies and restaurants.

Additional offers that come with the Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature Card include a free night stay at a Marriott property after opening your account. However, it may take six to eight weeks in order for the free night stay E-certificate to be deposited into your account. The free night stay is eligible for hotels categories 1 through 4. You can find more information regarding participating category locations by calling their number at one 1-800-321-7396. You’re required to redeem the free night stay certificate within six months of issue.

In addition to the initial free night stay for new card members and accounts, the Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature Card also offers you an anniversary free night stay

E-certificate annually. This is certificate is valid for any hotel that ranges between Category 1 and 5.  Like the initial offer, the certificate must be redeemed within six months.

Extra Perks

The Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature card comes with a few more perks.  After your account opens, you’ll receive 15 credits; these credits will apply yearly on your account anniversary and raise you to the status of a guaranteed ‘Silver Elite’ card holder.

In addition, you can earn one credit toward Elite status for every $3,000 that you spend on qualifying purchases, with no limitations on the number of credits that can be earned.  Finally, the Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature Card does not charge foreign transaction fees. Within two months of opening an account and on every anniversary date of your account, 15 nights or credits are placed in your Marriott rewards account, but in order to receive such perks, the account must not be in default on the anniversary date.

About Redemption

When redeeming your points for free nights at a Marriott associated property, be aware of their classification for category hotels. As a point of reference, hotels and their properties are group grouped into categories depending on brand, type, and location. Here’s a rundown of categories and their associated point values:

  • Category      1 – 7,500 reward points
  • Category      2 – 10,000 reward points
  • Category      3 – 15,000 reward points
  • Category      4 – 20,000 reward points

Categories for Marriott range up to Category 9, which requires 45,000 points for a one night stay.

Also keep in mind that all terms and conditions of the Marriot rewards program may be altered or services and benefits may be added or deleted without the cardholder.

What About Pricing and Terms?

At first glance, the benefits and perks provided by the Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature card look good. However, be aware of interest rates and interest charges.  The annual percentage rate attached to the card is 15.24%, as are balance transfers. A cash advance will accrue a 19.24% APR, as will overdraft advances. If you late make a payment, be advised that the penalty APR of 29.99% may be applied to your account and remain indefinitely.

The card comes with no minimum interest charges, but does attach an annual membership fee of $85 after the first year. Transaction fees include balance transfers, and cash advances. While there are no fees for foreign transactions, balance transfers accrue $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer (whichever is greater) and cash advances come with a fee of $10 or 4% of the amount of each transaction, again whichever is greater.

Late penalties may also apply. A late payment will cost you $15 if your balance is under $100 and $25 if the balance is more than $100 but less than $250 and up to $35 if your balance is $250 or more. Returned checks and return payments charged $35 to your Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature Card account.

Not all accounts are eligible for balance transfers. Other stipulations may apply, depending on your state of residence and your credit worthiness, so it’s important to take the time to download and read the fine print in Chase Bank’s terms and conditions in regard to the Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature card.

Bottom Line

On the surface, the Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature card looks good, but  J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. attaches very detailed terms and conditions for cardholders. The terms and conditions of the terms, rates and fees may change in relation to your card member agreement, and they do state that they “reserve the right to change the benefit features associated with your card at any time.” Do your homework and read and review terms and conditions before applying for any card, and that also goes for the Chase Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa Signature card.



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