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Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Business Credit Card – Sweet Dreams or Nightmares?


The Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card is one of the most popular Marriott rewards card, providing a variety of sign-up bonuses in perks, travel benefits, and other details. The Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card is designed for business owners, and most especially those who travel often. Even if you don’t travel often, the card comes with a variety of positive points that will likely make it quite attractive for consumers.

Marriott Rewards Visa Business Credit Card Benefits

The Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card offers a variety of benefits. Starting off, you get 30,000 points as a sign-up bonus, but you have to read the fine print in order to understand when these points accrue. What does that mean? It means you have to spend $1,000 within the first 90 days of opening your account in order to perceive those 30,000 points.

The rewards point earnings options are clear-cut. Cardholders earn three points for every dollar spent at Marriott locations around the world. According to Marriott, that means you have an opportunity to earn points at nearly 4,000 Marriott hotels and properties globally. In addition, you’ll earn one point for every dollar that you spend on all your other purchases. You don’t have to worry about the number of points you can earn – there’s no limit.

When it comes to rewards, your use of the Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card is mainly focused on offering free nights at hotels.  For example, after your account has been approved, you can earn two free nights days at a number of hotels that fit within Categories 1 through 4. You start benefiting from free nights when you reach 7,500 points.

About Hotel Stays

The main benefit of using your Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card, at least for frequent travelers, is to enjoy the free nights that you can earn. While your points are redeemable at nearly 4,000 Marriott brand hotels around the world, your hotel stays are limited to hotel Categories 1through 4. To get an idea of how many points you need to stay at those hotel categories, check out the following:

  • Category 1 – 7,500 points for every free night
  • Category 2 – 10,000 points for every free night
  • Category 3 – 15,000 points for every free night
  • Category 4 – 20,000 points for every free night

You have to do the math to determine how much money you actually have to spend to earn your points.

In addition to the hotel stays, you can redeem your points with travel or other leisure rewards, shopping, and airline miles options. For example, you can use your Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card points rewards for airline miles, for access to airport lounges, or in packages that combine flights with hotel stays or car rentals.

You can also use your points for travel and a variety of entertainment options including use on golf courses, cruises, and travel packages. Shopping for anything from electronics to the purchase of a retailer vouchers around the world is also another way you can redeem your points. Last but not least, you can combine cash and points for reservations for additional convenience.

In addition to the above benefits, Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card promises excellent customer service, concierge services, management for taxes and expenses, as well as quarterly management reports.

Not only that, but cardholders of the Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card also benefit from purchase protection, travel accident insurance, extended warranty protections, and additional features that you can view at the website. Keep in mind that the last few benefits are relatively common with all credit cards these days, so there’s nothing much exciting there. Actually, many similar cards offer great perks like free nights as well, but it always pays to determine exactly what you’re getting for your money. Dig deeper into the features of any credit card before you decide to make sure it’s right for you.

Finally, when it comes to the Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card, you won’t pay an annual fee your first year. After your first year, you’ll pay $45 a year in annual fees, which is quite reasonable.

Pricing and Terms

It always pays to read the fine print regarding pricing and terms, and that goes for the Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card as well. New cardholders can expect to pay a 15.24% annual percentage rate, and this percentage rate also applies to balance transfers. However, for making cash advances or overdraft advances, you can expect a 19.24% APR. If you make a late payment, exceed your credit limit, have a returned payment, not only with the Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card, but any other Chase holdings, loans, or accounts, you can expect the default APR of 29.99% to be applied to your account. This default rate applies to all of your balances and future transactions on your Chase Marriott account.

As mentioned, you won’t pay a membership fee for your first year, but your second year and thereafter, you can expect to pay a $45 annual membership fee. Transaction fees also apply. When it comes to balance transfers, you can expect to pay $5 or 3% of every transfer amount, whichever one is larger. When it comes to cash advances, you can expect to pay $10 or 4% of the transaction amount, again, whichever is larger. The bank charges 3% foreign transaction fees on transactions in US dollars. Visit the website for additional and more detailed information.

Last but not least, you’ll pay a $15 late payment penalty fee if your balance is under $100.  If your balance is between $100 and $250, you’ll be charged $29, and if your balance is over $250, you pay $39 in late payment fees. While you won’t have to pay a penalty fee for being over your credit limit, you will be charged $39 for returned payments or returned checks.

Bottom Line

If you’re a frequent traveler, and enjoy Marriott brand hotels, the Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Business credit card may make good sense. After all, you’re staying in the hotels anyway, so why not be rewarded for your loyalty? However, if you’re not a frequent traveler, and don’t always stay at a Marriott brand hotel when traveling, you might want to look somewhere else for a travel rewards card that’s not so restricted regarding hotel brand rewards.

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