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5 Ways The Chase Slate Credit Card Could Save You $500


Has the thought ever crossed your mind that someday your emergency money won’t be enough to cover immediate expenses? What would you do if that day ever arrived? Those of you who’ve never considered that probably should and have a back-up plan all figured out.

Luckily enough, we’ve devised one that just about anyone (that is anyone with a Chase Slate Credit Card) can use to access some immediate cash – while saving you hundreds of dollars in interest. If this offer sounds enticing to you then read on ahead and find out more.

Chase Slate Credit Card To The Rescue

The Chase Slate Credit Card is one of the few cards out there that offers an extended period of 0% APR on all balance transfers with the balance transfer fee waived for the first 60 days. More specifically, card holders qualify for a 0% APR on all purchases and balance transfers for a period of 15 months. After this extensive introductory period, the APR ranges from 12.99% to 22.99% depending upon the Prime Rate.

The fact is that the APR value is close to 14% on the average US credit card. It’s fairly easy for anyone to see that the Chase Slate Credit Card could save you a great deal of money on balance transfers.

5 Ways The Chase Slate Credit Card Could Save You $500 (or more)

Let’s look at a problem in detail first.

The Issue

Let’s assume your car’s transmission goes haywire and you have to take it to the mechanic who says it’ll take two weeks. In the meanwhile you rent a car for, say, $50 per day. The mechanic drafts you a bill amounting to $2,400 and you’ve got the $700 rental car bill too. What you do now is you charge it all to your credit card that has a 20% APR.

How Much Chase Will Save You

Granted the Chase Slate Credit Card has an introductory period of 15 months which may not be enough to pay off $3,100. However, it’ll save you a few hundred bucks if you do a balance transfer and pay the rest of the debt off after the 15 month period. Let’s assume you have an excellent credit history and your ongoing APR was set at 12.99%. In this particular scenario, the Chase Slate Credit Card saves you $622.

How Else Will The Chase Slate Credit Card Save You Money?

The Chase Slate Credit Card can save you a lot of money on interests in the same way described above. When you have to spend thousands of dollars out of the blue, the Chase Slate Credit Card should be your go-to card.

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