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Chase United MileagePlus Club Card – United We Fly?


Finding a credit card that rewards your busy on-the-go lifestyle can seem challenging at first. When you sign up for the Chase United MileagePlus Club Card, you will become eligible for a whole new world of perks that you may not have known existed. This Visa Signature card is designed for those who frequently fly on United Airlines. If this sounds like you, please review the rewards that this card can offer you.

Chase United MileagePlus Club Card

  • United Club Membership Perks
  • $100 Credit to your Statement after your First Purchase
  • A low 15.24% Purchase APR
  • 1.5x the Mileage Rewards on Everyday Purchases
  • 2x the Mileage Rewards when you use this card to book travel with United.
  • Luggage Flies Free: Your first and second checked bags are on the house.

You also receive Premier Access to United’s Travel Services. As a Chase United MileagePlus Club Card cardholder, you are instantly enrolled.

The Premier Access program allows you and a companion to enjoy:

  • Preferential Treatment at the Airport
  • Priority Check-In Services
  • Priority Security Screening (At Available Airports)
  • Expedited Boarding Privileges at the Gate
  • Special Baggage Handling Preferences at the Airport

Annual Fee

This Chase United MileagePlus Club Card does have an annual fee. The fee is a little higher than other comparable cards but the card itself can be paid for many times over if you are a frequent traveler on United Airlines. The fee is just $395 per year. Think about how much time and energy you can save by becoming a member of this elite program. The perks and the free checked luggage alongside the $100 credit to your account mean that this fee is actually quite nominal.

Here is a real world scenario. Let’s say you work for a business that asks you to fly only using United Airlines. Your company reimburses you for your booking fees and they have you making several flights back and forth to a specific location. One of the smartest tactics a business traveler can enact is to obtain a rewards card like the Chase United MileagePlus Club Card and use that card to book all of their travel while paying off the balance each month when your company deposits the reimbursement amount into your checking account. At the end of the year, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the perks you have earned such as free flights and free stays at luxurious hotels all throughout the world. Imagine what type of you vacation you could put together for you and your family. As a member of this card, you will be traveling like a VIP aboard United Airlines.

Benefits Extend Past the Airport

Chase and United should be commended for putting this credit offer together for frequent travelers. The MileagePlus program is a unique and prestigious frequent flier program that extends well beyond the airport terminal. This Chase United MileagePlus Club Card allows you to travel all over the world and use the card in any currency without incurring any transaction fees. Most cards tack on an addition 3 or 4% fee for this service but Chase has included this feature for free with this card.

Did you know that MileagePlus members are able to book tickets on United for close-in dates without incurring booking fees? Another big perk of holding this Chase United MileagePlus Club Card is the luxury hotel benefits you receive from the Hyatt. The Hyatt is one of the premier luxury hotels in the world and any business traveler is simply ecstatic whenever they are able to stay in a Hyatt hotel. Membership with this credit card also grants you a Platinum Tier membership with the Hyatt Gold Passport. This could earn you free breakfasts, complimentary room upgrades and more. If you rent cars while you travel, this Chase card gives you with the ability to get complimentary upgrades and special offers from Avis. Chase Inside Access is an exclusive program that gives its members access to special events and once in a lifetime experiences at discounted prices.

The Fine Print and Other Important Information of the Chase United MileagePlus Club Card

The Chase United MileagePlus Club Card is a unique credit offer that was crafted for those who constantly utilize United Airlines as their preferred airline of choice. The 2x reward points for travel booked with United makes this card extremely enticing. Before getting signing up for this offer, here is the information you need to know.

Free $100 Statement Credit: This credit will be applied after your first qualifying purchase. A cash advance, balance transfer or any other cash-like transfer does not qualify. It can take between 6-8 weeks for the credit to appear on your Chase United MileagePlus Club Card statement.

United Club Info: Once you are approved for this offer, you will be eligible to begin enjoying admittance to the United Club Lounge when you are inside of airports. You will just need your membership ID number and Photo ID in order to be admitted to the United Club. After 6 weeks has lapsed since your acceptance date, you should receive your official membership card to the United Club in the mail.

United Premier Access Info: You and people traveling with you who booked their trip on your MileagePlus card will also be eligible to reap the rewards of United Premier Access. This is the program that gives you expedited check-ins and preferential treatment with luggage. Inside the airport, you will enjoy priority (when available) when going through security check points and you will also get to be in one of the first boarding groups for the aircraft. You will feel like a VIP while you are in the airport terminal.

If your life takes you all around the country on United Airlines, this card may be the best option for you to get the most rewards out of your travels. When you sign up for this credit card offer, you will be refreshed to see all of the perks and low rates, fees and APRs favoring the frequent traveler. Chase is a brand name that consumers trust and this offer is no exception. If you believe that the Chase United MileagePlus Club Card is the right card for you, you should submit a credit application and you will have a decision within 60 seconds.

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